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Chrome 75 is rolling out to Android devices now and unlike the desktop variant, will bring at least two new user-facing features based on details released by Google alongside the rollout. Neither of those is entirely new, with both related to account security and the way Chrome syncs passwords after being launched some time ago on other hardware platforms.

Namely, Google has now added deeper password management tools on Android for devices that are synced to an account. That includes password suggestions where appropriate as well as new autofill UI.

The primary difference between how this works on Android, as compared to desktop platforms, is in the UI. Instead of being based on a card appearing with a tap on a password field, this will be tied to the keyboard and a new interface appearing just above that.


When a user taps a password field during account creation, a gray bar will show options for 'strong' suggested passwords. Password management will be accessible from the same bar. Autofill passwords will work much the same way, tucked behind the keyboard-based UI. Presumably, a similar UI will appear when users are changing passwords for existing synced accounts since that's how the tool works on desktop and Chrome OS.

Passwords can now be managed via a password manager at the bottom of the settings page too.

Features coming over from Chrome 75 desktop


As noted above, there are a few changes that primarily affect developers but which will be seen by end users that will show up with this update coming over from desktop Chrome. That's in addition to the wealth of security updates and performance optimizations that seem to be at the heart of this update.

The two biggest updates are going to affect how scrolling works via gestures and how web content can be shared via installed apps.

First, the addition of "Scroll-Snap-Stop" features will allow developers to regain some control over how scroll gestures work on their websites. With the current iteration, if a sharp, quick scroll gesture is used, the page just continues scrolling. With the update, developers will be able to control snap points, preventing users from overshooting content by accident and creating a more catered experience.


Perhaps the larger change will be the addition of WebShare API Level 2. Now, instead of only being able to share text and URLs via native system UI and apps, users will be able to share audio, images, videos, and documents from Chrome using Android's native sharing tools.

One more update to go

The update to Chrome 75 has chiefly centered around under-the-hood changes and developer tools geared toward creating more consistency across platforms and better resource management rather than user features. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially since there's one more Chrome 75 update remaining for Chrome OS still to be released.


Hints in the Chromium Gerrit have suggested this update is going to fix a number of issues associated with the Google Pixel Slate and other Chrome OS tablet hardware on top of addressing similar issues that impact all Chrome gadgets.

That may or may not include some further fixes for USB devices, Chromebook cameras, and missing audio features in Linux — any of which could be pushed back to Chrome OS 76 or Chrome  OS 77.

The update to Chrome 75 on Android will be rolling out over "the next few weeks."

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