Amazon's New Kindle Oasis Has A Feature Your Phone Has Had For Years


Amazon just refreshed the Kindle Oasis today, and it has a new feature. One that your smartphone has had for years. Which is an adjustable backlight, so that you won't need to strain your eyes when reading at night.

Think of this as the Night Mode that is available on your smartphone. At night, it will take out the blue colors so that the display looks a bit more yellow. This means that you won't be straining your eyes when reading at night, nor will you be blinded when you are reading in a dark room.

This new backlight can be scheduled too. So you can set it to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. Similar to the way it works on smartphones.


The Kindle Oasis is a pretty expensive e-reader, but for those that do read a lot of books, it is more than worth its price tag.

Amazon kept all of the features that users loved from the previous Kindle Oasis, which includes a 7-inch display, waterproofing and Audible support. Amazon says that Audible support is going to be even better though. So Amazon hasn't taken anything away here, it is just making an already incredible e-reader even better. And who can complain about that?

That 7-inch display is still pretty high-resolution, coming in at 300 pixels per inch. One might think that you don't need a high-resolution display on an e-reader, but it does make things much better for everyone. Because text should also be very crisp on a display, especially if you are reading another language like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic to name a few. This makes it easier to read on an e-reader, and considering this is basically an e-ink display, it doesn't really affect battery life all that much.


With IPX8 waterproofing here, it allows you to sit at the beach or even poolside and read, not worrying about a big wave coming in, or your kids jumping in the pool and splashing your Kindle Oasis. At IPX8, it can actually be submerged. But of course, unless you absolutely have too, it's not recommended to do so.

Amazon is offering up six months of Kindle Unlimited for those that do pre-order the Kindle Oasis. Kindle Unlimited will allow you read unlimited ebooks for (what is normally) $9.99 per month. It's a subscription service for those that like to read a lot of books. Not all of the books that are available on Amazon are available for Kindle Unlimited though, so you'll need to watch out for that. But for those that do read a lot of books, this is a really good pre-order promotion from Amazon.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is available now for pre-order, with a price tag of $249. That makes it more expensive than all of its Fire Tablets, but this is for a very different user than those Fire Tablets. It is slated to ship on July 24.


You can pre-order your Amazon Kindle Oasis from Amazon using the link down below.

Amazon Kindle Oasis - Amazon - $249