Echo Speakers Are 50% In Amazon's Pre-Prime Day Sale


Amazon's Prime Day might be coming in a few weeks, but the retailer isn't waiting til then to start discounting some of its hardware. It is already discounting the Echo and Echo Dot, down to $70 and $25 respectively. This is good for up to 50-percent off of their prices.

The Echo Dot is normally $50 – and this $25 price tag is actually lower than the certified refurbished Echo Dots right now. Meanwhile the Echo is normally priced at $99.

The Echo is a pretty good looking smart speaker from Amazon. It does offer up some really good sounding audio, so you are able to use this as an actual speaker and not just for speaking to Alexa. Amazon has worked with Dolby to tune the audio on this one. Alexa is inside, so you are able to ask Alexa different things, as well as control your smart home with your voice.


Now, the Echo Dot on the other hand, is a smaller Echo and also much cheaper – about half the price normally. It's about the size of a hockey puck, and needless to say, the audio coming out of it is not that great. That's kind of expected though, considering it is such a small speaker, it's hard to put big enough drivers in there to bring out some good audio. But it does also have Alexa inside, for controlling your smart home, asking Alexa questions and even playing some games.

These smart speakers are great to pick up right now, as you can scatter them around the house, and use Alexa for just about everything. These prices won't last long, and it is also very unlikely that we will see these drop any further on Prime Day next month. So now's the time to get them – before they go out of stock. You can pick them both up using the links below.

Amazon Echo - Amazon - $69 Amazon Echo Dot - Amazon - $25