10 Best Android Travel Apps You Should Have During Your Next Vacation

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Check out the apps you need to for your next trip abroad. These apps will help you plan your trip, document experiences, translate language, and more.

Are you planning to travel abroad for the first time or have frequently been traveling for some time now? Going to a new destination means immersing yourself in a place where the culture, language, norms, or geographical characteristics are different from your home. Therefore, you will need help navigating some of these things. That’s where travel apps come along- they can assist you with anything from choosing the best flights, translating a foreign language, finding the accommodation, making a travel budget, converting currency and so forth.

So, we have compiled some of the best apps to have when you travel. Take a look.



Want to save on airfare and have more money to spend during your trip? Skyscanner, allows you to look for the cheapest flights to any destination you wish to go. The best thing about this app is that once you have identified a flight that works for you, you can go ahead and book it in-app. Skyscanner is easy to install on your phone and very simple to use. And you can quickly compare prices for different flights directly on the app to plan your upcoming vacation



Airbnb is the perfect app for you if you are not too eager to spend a lot on accommodation. With this app, you can find a place to stay from verified hosts in more than 191 countries and 100,000 cities. Accommodation offered through Airbnb is diverse – ranging from entire homes, villas, and apartments to single or shared rooms.


With a few details about yourself and your preferences, Airbnb helps you find the perfect place for you to stay while you are abroad. Pictures of accommodation facilities, details of the amenities present, size of the room or home, and price are offered. And you can talk to a prospective host right on the app.

Translate Platinum


Traveling to a country where the population speaks a language you don’t understand is horrible. But there is an app that can help you overcome this problem. Translate Platinum is an online translator that supports more than 100 language pairs. This genius app from Translate.com allows you to not just convert speech to your native language, but also text and pictures. And you can use the app to translate conversations in real time through an intuitive interpret feature. Furthermore, this app incorporates human translations, therefore, making its results more accurate than instant translations.



Want to document your trip? LiveTrekker is an app that allows you to diary your trip using photos, videos, voice, text, and maps. And if you want, you can share these experiences as they happen or upload and share them later. You can also check out journeys that are shared by your family and friends through the shared button on the app.

This app is easy to use and offers a great way to capture and save your most valued experiences. Simply download the app and start it to begin tracking your journey. Through GPS, your route is displayed on a map where you mark places you’ve visited using text, pictures, or videos.

XE Currency


Once you land into a different country, you will need to convert your dollars or any other currency you have to local currency so that you can pay for things that you will need. And to do so, you will want to know how much your money will be when you convert it. That is why you need an app like XE Currency. This app is efficient because it updates currency rates each minute. It also allows you to save data and access it even if you are offline. So, even if you end up in a place that has no internet, you can still find the information that you need.

Google Maps


You probably have Google Apps but have never tried it. If you don’t already have it on your phone, you should download it before your next vacation. You can use this app to plan the route for your trip and even get directions to help you get there. Depending on your location, you can use Google maps to identify the nearest stores, hotels, and restaurants. You can also use these maps to find your ways in airports, malls, and stadiums.

Evaneos Travel

This app works great for those travelers looking for a guide to different destinations. Evaneos Travel is a travel companion that lets you communicate with your agent locally to plan and discuss your trip. You can sign in anytime and anywhere to access details about your trip. Primarily using information collected from frequent travelers, this app also offers a whole lot of info on different places around the world. For each destination listed on this app, you can:

  • Read reviews about popular sights
  • Find out the best time to visit
  • Know what to expect during your trip
  • Learn what to avoid while you are there


Hipmunk is an all in one app that helps you book hotels and flights fast. With the app, you can compare different forms of accommodation in your dream destination, including hotels, hostels, HomeAway rentals, and Airbnb rentals. It also helps you find the best flights available for the cheapest cost by checking not just price, but also other essential factors such as the number of layovers and flight duration. And it even has fare alerts which notify you whenever prices change.


TripIt app allows to store and view your travel plans including flight and hotel bookings, rental car bookings, and your itinerary whenever you want and even share them with people. And you can quickly transfer all these details from your email. The pro version of the app informs you of changes in your flight or availability of better/cheaper flights and even allows you to alter your flight plans on the app.


While you can translate most conversations, it is also a good idea to learn the local language during your stay in a foreign country. And what better way to do it then with Duolingo? This app helps you learn more than 20 languages interestingly- you match words to the correct pictures as well as listen and translate whole sentences. Learning is at your pace. Therefore, you can take as time as you need and even repeat parts you haven’t understood.

Having these apps when you are planning your next trip and during the tour will definitely make things easier. So, you can enjoy your vacation hassle-free. Give them a try.