Dive Into Your History With These Android Apps


Some people find history boring, but as soon as you make it personal, it can be thrilling. While 19th Century politics, world wars, and the Middle Ages may not interest you, how about the matters that impact the entire human race? The evolution of man and move from hunter/gatherers to farmers is almost stranger than fiction. And these days you can figure out where exactly you fit in.

Try out the best DNA test for ancestry to find out where your ancestors came from and where they migrated to. These tests give you a good indication of where you belong in history.

Once you know where in history you belong, dive into the details with these Android apps designed for this purpose.


History in Pictures

Aptly named, History in Pictures gives you the option of discovering more about history at different eras in regions around the world. You probably know quite a lot about your own country, but do you know about the places of origin of your ancestors? Learning through old photos is one of the easiest ways of taking in the information. Furthermore, it gives you a good basis on which to brush up on the history of a place before you visit it. Find out about its politics, leaders, heroes, and people so that you have a context to work with.

History of the Universe


If you want to go a bit further back than recorded history, History of the Universe is an incredible app that takes you through the formation of the universe. From the big bang onwards, the universe started expanding, making way for planets to form, life to come into being, and humans to gain self-awareness.

History of the Universe also puts everything into context of present day cosmology. It explains where star formations came from and where we might expect to find alternative lifeforms in the future.

Ancient History Encyclopedia


History goes a lot further back than what is recorded in books. Some of the most interesting periods of history happened long before anyone had thought to document it. Ancient History Encyclopedia goes far back, beyond what was written and into the archaeological and biological discoveries of the past century.

We know a lot about the world and its ancient civilisations just from what we've found remaining, whether ruins or natural clues. We know about our hunter/gatherer ancestors, not from anything they wrote but from what historians and naturalists have discovered.

If you want history to be read to you in an easily digestible format, consider trying Audible.



Audible is not a history app, but the audiobook service has many books on history, whichever period or place interests you. Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens is one of the most popular historical accounts. It explores human development from the age in which there were different types of humans altogether: homo neanderthalis, homo floresiensis, and homo naledi, to name a few. Harari goes into how homo sapiens out-survived the rest and became the dominant life form on this planet. It is an incredible read, and just one of many historical books available for listening.