WiFi Alliance & SD Association Deliver More Bad News To Huawei

Huawei P30 Pro AH NS logo 01

This week has been, pretty terrible for Huawei. All stemming from President Trump’s executive order that he signed last Thursday (May 16). And now, it’s still getting some bad news.

The WiFi Alliance has said that it is temporarily restricting Huawei’s participation in the alliance. While the SD Association has removed the manufacturer from its organizations. The SD Association stated that it is complying with the US Department of Commerce orders, basically saying that this is nothing personal against Huawei, just abiding by the law – essentially.

Now this is not as big of a deal as it may sound. Huawei is still able to use WiFi and SD technologies. But what this means is that Huawei won’t have say in how these technology will develop over the next few years, and how the standards will change.


This week, we’ve seen numerous companies dropping Huawei like clock-work. It all started with Google on Sunday, when it revoked Huawei’s Android license. That was a pretty big deal, as it would no longer get Google services, nor help from Google in putting Android on its phones.

After Google made the first move, many other US tech companies followed along. That included Qualcomm, Intel, and Microsoft. That meant that Huawei’s laptops will no longer launch with Windows installed. After that, ARM said that it was cutting ties with Huawei. This was a bit surprising, considering ARM is a British company, and doesn’t have to abide by the US laws. And that was also the biggest blow to Huawei, since it licenses ARMs designs to make its chipsets.

ARM was followed by Panasonic, and now the WiFi Alliance and SD Association. Now these two aren’t that big of a deal. Since this does not mean that future Huawei smartphones won’t have WiFi or SD card support, they just can’t help develop future standards for these. But it does still hurt Huawei.


The US did give Huawei a temporary permit to work with companies in the US, like Google, Microsoft, Intel and Qualcomm. But that permit is only going to be available through August 19. After that, Huawei is out of luck, unless the US government decides to give it a permit to work in the US. Given Trump’s recent talk about Huawei being included in a new trade deal with the Chinese, it is possible that could happen.

However, Huawei is not sitting back and waiting to hear from the US and Chinese governments on its future. It is moving along, as if it won’t have access to Android in the next few months. It has been building its own operating system, that will be compatible with Android apps. That is slated to launch later this year, but right now it is apparently far from ready to use.

This whole situation is showing Huawei that it cannot be so dependent on Google and other US companies. It also shows how dependent a lot of these smartphone makers are on Google and its services. Since Google revoking Huawei’s license basically killed its smartphone business.