Warriors Of Waterdeep Offers Turn-Based RPG Action

A new Dungeons of Dragons game has just landed called Warriors of Waterdeep, filled with turn-based RPG action and some really nice looking graphics, special effects for attacks and abilities, and multiple character classes to obtain when you add people to your party.

As this is a turn-based RPG the combat will look and feel somewhat more like old school JRPG games, but with more up to date visuals and a nearly top down camera view as opposed to a side camera view, at least when it comes to the battles.

Warriors of Waterdeep is a free game so there's no cost to install or play it, but like most free-to-play titles it does offer some in-app purchases for various items, as well as an optional monthly subscription of $9.99 which gives players a number of things including daily VIP chests, rewards of coins and gems, and equipment packs among other things.

That said since the monthly subscription is completely optional players can enjoy all that the game has to offer when it comes to content without spending that money as everything the sub gives you should be attainable just by playing, though it's worth noting that subscribing will obviously get you those items and currencies faster.

When it comes to the character classes players can choose from there are eight altogether, each having their own unique special abilities and powers, and each coming from a different race. You can either choose to be a halfling fighter, an elf cleric, a dwarf rogue, a half-orc barbarian, a half-elf bard, a tiefling warlock, a human wizard, or a dragonborn ranger.

Though you'll be able to choose any of these characters to form your party, parties can only consist of up to four characters at a time so you won't be able to use them all at once. You will however be able to swap party members out as you see fit so if you feel like a particular battle or boss encounter might be better with some classes than others, you can switch characters to make things easier.

As you level up your characters and progress through the game, you'll have the ability to advance your characters with new skills, better weapons and armor, and stronger stats, something which you'll find in all RPGs. If you particularly like gear and loot, each character can be equipped with up to 12 pieces of gear including weapons and armor.

If you choose to stick to the free-play and avoid the subscription, you can still get rewards through the game's daily log-in bonuses, which will vary from day to day but will usually get better the more you login consistently. For example the more days in a row that you login to play even if its just for a few minutes, each successive bonus should be a little better than the last one.

As a Dungeons and Dragons game players can expect a relatively rich story with deep, rewarding combat, as well as a strategic/tactical feel that will keep it from being too simple, which means it shouldn't end up losing its appeal or stop being fun to play. This of course will subject to each individual player and will heavily depend on if you like turn-based RPGs with more tactical combat, but it might still be fun for anyone who would be playing a game like this for the first time.

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