Urbanears Pampas Headphones Keep Your Style Cred Intact For Longer Periods


Urbanears has now launched a new set of headphones it calls Pampas.

These are not only over-ear headphones, but are apparently the company's "first ever over-ear headphones" marking the first time Urbanears has branched off into this sub-sector of the market

The new Pampas over-ear headphones are now available to buy from the company's retail channel and cost $149 in the U.S.


Besides adopting an over-ear form, Urbanears is targeting these headphones at the "discerning listener who refuses to compromise on audio experience or style."

This include a choice of opting for one of three colorways — Almond Beige, Charcoal Black and Field Green — as well as a design that's been specifically tailored to longer-lasting listening sessions. Some of the features designed to facilitate the more comfortable and lengthy listening periods include "perfectly angled caps," a "plush headband, " and "premium fabric."

Urbarears is using a two-pronged attack here of dealing with the issues surrounding extended listening as comfort is only one-half of the equation. These are wireless headphones and the included battery is said to be able to offer in excess of 30 hours of usage on a single charge. Making these headphones as battery-ready as they are style-forward. The connector in use a USB-Type C port and therefore utilizes the newer connection type – something that's still not always the case with new headphone products.


In contrast to the wealth of headphones that typically adopt a button approach to music and volume control, Urbanears has gone for a more modern but retro look thanks to the use of a single control knob to skip through tracks or adjust the volume.

In addition, and as is now common with Urbanears headphones, the Pampas also comes with a 3.5 mm "ZoundPlug" port which lets the user connect a second pair of headphones so someone else can join in on the listening experience. Essentially, the owner is able to daisy-chain headphones.

When it comes to the general sound quality, the company is pushing these as high-end headphones that have been tweaked to offer an improved sound. Little information was provided on this point although Urbanears points to the "optimize acoustics" as how the headphones feature a richer and more immersive listening experience.


Overall Urbanears seems to be attempting to capture two very different markets with this set of headphones. On the one hand there is the style-conscious user who wants a statement-making set of headphones. In Urbanears' own words, these headphones are ideal for "announcing yourself to your surroundings."

On the other hand, these headphones equally look to cater to the more audio-focused users who are more likely to wear a pair of headphones for extended periods of time.

These two different markets does mean that anyone who is more interested in one than the other will be paying for access to both, regardless. It would seem one of the ways the company has managed to keep the price to a reasonable level is by opting to omit certain features, as these headphones do not come equipped with any notable smart features.


In spite of the lesser emphasis on consumer-facing features, the takeaway message with the Pampas is premium. That's a premium design, a premium sound, and a premium battery experience.

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