T-Mobile ONE Plans Get Renamed To "Magenta" With Some Downgrades

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T-Mobile has rebranded its postpaid plan offerings to Magenta plan, and with the rebrand comes several additions that could benefit customers.

Aside from changes in the name from T-Mobile ONE to Magenta, the rebranded plan also differs from the carrier’s older plan offerings in the addition of 3GB of high-speed smartphone hotspot data. In comparison, the network operator’s earlier T-Mobile ONE plan does not include any high-speed data allocation for hotspots.

T-Mobile decided to introduce high-speed smartphone hotspot data allocation into its rebranded plans after it discovered that 72-percent of customers prefer to use their handsets as a hotspot rather than connecting to potentially insecure public Wi-Fi. Once the user consumes their allocated data for the mobile hotspot, they can still connect devices to the internet using their smartphones,  albeit at slower 3G speeds.


Another change that comes with the rebranding of T-Mobile’s plan is the inclusion of Netflix Basic, as opposed to the Netflix Standard included with the older T-Mobile ONE plan. This change accounts for the recent price hikes that the popular video streaming platform recently introduced, although there is also an option for customers to switch to Magenta Plus, which still features Netflix Standard subscription.

Despite the changes in its plans, many of the features that subscribers enjoyed from their T-Mobile ONE plan will carry over to the carrier’s new Magenta plan. Aside from unlimited calls, text, and data over the company’s 4G LTE network, the new Magenta plan will still offer benefits including free data and texting in more than 210 countries, an hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, and unlimited texting on domestic flights.

Furthermore, to entice more customers into its network, T-Mobile also announced that once consumers sign up for its new Magenta plan, the network operator will match the discounts that its competitors offer to their current subscribers.


T-Mobile noted that even though some customers may already want to switch platforms, 30-percent of customers stick with their current service providers because of the discounts that their carriers currently offer. To cater to this group of potential customers, T-Mobile will match, or even exceed, the discount offered by its competitors in $5 increments.

To qualify for this deal, customers who will switch carriers will only have to show their bills with the discounted plan price from other service providers like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon to a T-Mobile store. However, T-Mobile limits the discounts it offers to $15 for one line and a total of $30 for two or more lines.

Consumers who intend to switch to the rebranded Magenta plan may visit T-Mobile’s brick-and-mortar outlets starting June 2nd. Aside from its new postpaid plan, the carrier currently has a new promotional offer that could either get customers a $300 rebate off their new Galaxy S10 device or a new smartphone where subscribers only have to pay for the sales tax.


T-Mobile has managed to grow its customer base by 7 million subscribers in 2018, and it aims to increase its number of subscribers by around 10-percent within the year. These new product offering, which aims to make it easier for customers to switch networks, should help the carrier reach its goal.