Sony’s Foldable Phone Will Use Samsung’s Fledgling Display Tech

OPPO foldable prototype MWC 2019 1

The latest rumor doing rounds on the internet is that Sony wants to try its luck with foldable smartphones. The smartphone market has been sluggish since the last few years and it appears that Sony, like many other handset vendors, wants to bet on the new form factor to revive sales. Apparently, consumers are holding on to their devices for longer, and to get them to upgrade, foldable displays and 5G may just be what companies need.

Sony’s foldable phone, which the report says will be called the Xperia F, will also presumably have 5G connectivity. Previously, Sony had talked about bringing 5G connectivity to its phones and the next generation of wireless connectivity will no doubt add to the charm of the company's first foldable phone. Since foldable devices will have bigger displays, it makes sense to elevate the user experience by enabling them to enjoy high speeds that 5G will offer. What doesn’t make sense though is Sony’s alleged decision to procure the screen technology for the Xperia F from Samsung.

The Korean giant had initially planned to release the Galaxy Fold on April 26 but was forced to delay the launch indefinitely after various media publications claimed that their review units merely lasted 48 hours. The internal display was said to have a myriad of problems, including flickering and bulging. Some users even said their display broke.


While some of those problems were user created, as they took off the plastic layer that was integral to the display’s structure, others experienced issues even though they did no such thing. Shortly afterward, Samsung recalled the units, and per preliminary findings, the problems stemmed from the exposed part of the hinge of the phone.

It was previously reported that the problems have been addressed and the phone will be launched in June. However, a new report claims that the Galaxy Fold will not be released until July. And who knows if it will even see the light of the day in July, as Samsung has been pretty vague about the whole thing. Needless to say, Samsung’s foldable display technology is far from perfect right now and Sony might want to reconsider its decision. Previously it was being alleged that Sony will procure flexible displays from LG Display.

Moving on, it is also being reported the Xperia F’s display will have an aspect ratio of 21:9 and the phone will fold vertically. Other details remain sparse at the moment but it’s safe to assume that Sony’s first foldable phone will not have the transparent display that was mentioned in a patent filed with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) previously.

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The Xperia F is tipped to be announced in 2020 and if the past is any indication, it will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress. Alongside that, the company will probably announce its next flagship as well.

Currently, Sony has less than one percent share of the smartphone market and in recent times, it has exited a number of regions. However, the company isn’t ready to give up and considers smartphones an important part of its entertainment-centric portfolio.