SEGA Revives Iconic Anime In The Form Of Upcoming Mobile RPG

SEGA is reviving an iconic anime in the form of an upcoming RPG called Fist of The North Star: Legends ReVIVE, and while details are extremely scarce at the moment for this new game, it will be an RPG of some sort and it will have a beta play test available in the coming weeks for users that are located in Japan.

At the moment there is no mention of whether or not SEGA will bring this game to the US or any other regions outside of Japan, but if the beta play test goes well and there is enough demand for it, there is a chance Fist of The North Star: Legends ReVIVE could see a western release. There's also the possibility that this may already be SEGA's plan but it may just be holding off on any information for now.

Since this is a Japan-only play test, it's certainly reasonable to assume that it will at least start as a Japan-only release, but SEGA has been pretty active on mobile by releasing plenty of games from its old library that were launched on the Genesis platform, such as Streets of Rage 2, and another recently-released RTS game called Revolve8 was launched back in February of this year.

Perhaps more interesting though is SEGA's involvement in launching a game based on an old (albeit extremely popular) anime. There's nothing to suggest that the company has any plans to do this with other anime titles, but for fans of the medium it's unlikely that it wouldn't be appreciated as anime popularity in general continues to grow outside of Japan.

One thing to keep in mind though is that this isn't SEGA's first time dipping a toe in these waters. A Fist Of The North Star game for PS4 titled Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise was released under SEGA's brand back in 2018 and was released in the US in October of last year.

This might be a small beacon of hope that SEGA would consider launching another Fist of The North Star game in the US as the PS4 title has fairly decent reviews on the PlayStation store and is listed as having 95-percent of people liking the game on Google.

Which brings things back to popularity. SEGA may or may not have any plans to bring Legends ReVIVE to the US, but if it's popular enough and it makes good business sense for SEGA to launch it internationally, then there may be no reason why it wouldn't choose to do so.

SEGA states that applications for the beta play test are being accepted up until June 5 at 11:59 PM local time in Japan, so anyone that is able to participate and is interested has a couple of weeks to decide whether or not they want to. This also suggests that the beta play test may not be too far off in the future either as it could start just days after applications are no longer being considered.

If this is the case then more details on what the game includes and what gameplay is like is potentially just around the corner as well. Though the game is listed as an RPG, there are loads of different types of RPGs out there, and this is for mobile so gamers should expect something that lends itself well to the platform.

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