Samsung's "Most Creative" Phone Coming In H2, Not A Note: Tipster

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AH NS Logo 3 2019 05

According to Ice Universe, a rather well-known tipster, Samsung is working on something quite unexpected. The tipster claims that Samsung will introduce its “most creative smartphone” in the second half of this year, and no, it doesn’t seem to be the Galaxy Note10 or the Galaxy Fold.

This is a rather mysterious, and yet exciting information, as it seems to suggest that Samsung is working on yet another high-end smartphone that we may not be aware of. Some reports did suggest that the company is working on two additional foldable smartphones, so perhaps that’s what the source is teasing here, though we’re only guessing, of course.

The company did announce its 5x zoom camera module quite recently, a 5x periscope zoom camera module. That camera module is ready to go into mass production, and it may be included in the device that the source is hinting at.


So, the upcoming phone will either be a new foldable device from the company, or a brand new high-end smartphone from Samsung that will compete with its high-end offerings. That would be a rather odd move by the company considering that it already has two high-end lineups out there, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series smartphones, but we’ll see.

Aside from a 5x periscope camera, the phone will almost certainly include UFS 3.0 flash storage. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the first to include such storage, but the phone got postponed for display issues, so the Galaxy S10 5G and the OnePlus 7 series took that mantle.

The device will ship with Android 9 Pie with Samsung’s One UI skin on top of it, no matter what form factor we’re looking at, and it will almost certainly be fueled by either the Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855… though the company may opt to offer both variants, depending on the market, as it did with the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S10 series.


The Galaxy Note10 series is expected to arrive in August, a year after the Galaxy Note9. Samsung is planning to introduce two smartphones as part of the Galaxy Note10 series this time around, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro, at least if rumors are to be believed. Both of those phones will be available in 4G and 5G variants, though.

So, if we take into consideration that the Galaxy Note10 series is coming in August, this mysterious Samsung-branded handset will probably arrive later on. It’s not likely Samsung will introduce it in June or July, having the Galaxy Note10 launch timeframe in mind, so it may arrive in Q4 at some point, in the gap between the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S11 launches, presuming that the two will arrive in August 2019, and February 2020, of course.

Samsung is still the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but the company has been losing some of its market share to Huawei and other up-and-coming Chinese smartphone manufacturers, so it will probably use this brand new phone to try and turn things around. The company definitely has the ability to surprise us all with its upcoming products, let’s just hope it will be as good as the source claims it will.