Samsung Finally Caved, Galaxy Note10 Pro To Include Fast(er) Charging

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AH NS Logo 3 2019 08

Some new info regarding the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro just surfaced, courtesy of Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel. Arun, a person behind this YouTube channel, reached out to Ice Universe recently, in order to get some new info on the Galaxy Note10.

Ice Universe, for those of you who do not know of him, is a well-known tipster, and he did provide some tidbits regarding the Galaxy Note10 Pro. First and foremost, he revealed that the Galaxy Note10 Pro will offer considerably faster wired charging than its predecessor.

The Galaxy Note9 supports 15W fast wired charging, in other words, Quick Charge 2.0. Well, based on the info provided by Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note10 Pro will offer charging that is faster than 25W.


The tipster actually tweeted out recently that the phone will feature a 4,500mAh battery, and support 25W charging recently, but then he retracted the “25W” part, and now we know why. It is still unclear as to how fast will the Galaxy Note10 Pro’s charging be. Whatever the case may be, the Galaxy Note10 Pro will become Samsung’s fastest charging smartphone ever.

Another piece of info that the tipster shared regards the Galaxy Note10’s display cutout. He mentioned that it will sport a single display hole, and that it will be smaller than the one on the Galaxy S10 in diameter. We’re not sure if that goes for both the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro, or just one of them, though.

The last piece of info that Ice Universe shared regards the Galaxy Note 10’s back side, and this probably applies to both the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro. He said that we can expect to see “a large change on the back”. This can mean a whole lot of things, from a different finish on the back, to a different camera setup and camera setup design.


Let’s assume that the later is true as the Galaxy Note line of smartphone usually offers different camera setup orientation to the Galaxy S series, at least in the last couple of years, and we’re talking about models that get released in the same year. That may be the case here, and the Galaxy Note series is also rumored to include more capable camera sensors on the back, so we’ll probably see a significant change in the camera department as well, even though the Galaxy Note series usually keeps sensors from the Galaxy S series from earlier in the year.

Samsung is actually expected to announce two Galaxy Note10 models this year, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro. Both of those variants will arrive in 4G and 5G variants, though, at least according to rumors, which means that we may see four smartphones overall. All of those units are expected to become official in August, a year after the Galaxy Note9’s arrival.

The Galaxy Note10 series will probably arrive in both Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 855 variants, while you can expect at least 6GB of RAM to be included on the inside. The Galaxy Note10 Pro will probably include a larger display than the Galaxy Note10, and you can expect to see Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED panel included on both of those devices.