Your Next Samsung Phone Could Soon Come With A 100W USB-C PD Charger

Samsung's Adaptive Fast chargers that are included in the box with its phones, haven't really gotten an update in many years. But that might be about to change. As Samsung has just announced two new USB-C PD controllers, that are capable of charging at up to 100W.

The new controllers that were announced today are the SE8A and MM101. Both of these are able to handle 100W charging (20V/5A). These also include Secure Elements, which will add a layer of security, and eFlash. This means that their software will be able to be modified to meet new charging specifications, when they are updated.

According to Samsung, both controllers do meet USB-PD 3.0 standards. And with speeds of up to 100W, they will be able to charge just about anything under the sun. From your laptop, to your smartphone, and everything in between.

Pushing 100W out of a USB-C PD connection is pretty impressive actually. Most laptops that use USB-C PD are sitting at about 60W, some are around 87W (like the 15-inch MacBook Pro), but none are 100W. To put things in perspective, the current fast charging being used for smartphones over USB-C PD right now, is about 18W. So this would be a huge upgrade.

The SE8A is already in production and should be hitting the market at some point in 2019. Meanwhile the MM101 should be going into production fairly soon.

The main difference between the two, is the fact that the SE8A has the Secure Element included, for safer charging. While the MM101 has the Advanced Encryption Standard. Both of these are going to keep your charging safe, which is important. Especially with these batteries getting larger, and charging is getting faster. Typically a recipe for a fire. Something Samsung knows all to well.

Of course, the big question here is whether or not your next smartphone may be able to support a 100W charger. Well that's a tough one. It's unclear when these 100W USB-C PD chargers will be available. These are only the controllers that are being produced now, there's more to a USB-C PD charger than just the controller. So it could be coming with the Galaxy Note10 later this year or it could be further down the road.

It should go without saying, but your next smartphone will very likely not come with a 100W USB-C PD charger in the box. These chargers are going to be pretty expensive to make, seeing as the technology is still pretty new. Samsung's current Adaptive Fast Charge USB chargers that are in the box, cost a few bucks to make. Meanwhile a 60W USB-C PD wall charger is going for around $30 right now. A 100W USB-C PD wall charger is going to cost a lot more.

This is an exciting time though, being able to use one charger to charge literally everything, is the dream of USB-C. It was supposed to be universal and work with everything. We are not one step closer to that reality with these new controllers from Samsung.

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