Raid The Streets Of Dalaran In Hearthstone's Latest Adventure

Hearthstone Dalaran Heist

Hearthstone's latest solo adventure, the Dalaran Heist has just opened up its newest chapter called the Streets of Dalaran and it's now live for players to access either as a standalone chapter or as part of the entire episodic package.

The entire solo adventure known as the Dalaran Heist is spread out across five chapters in total making this Hearthstone's largest solo adventure to date, which means loads and loads of content for you to wade through if you need to give the player vs player content a break.

As this is the third chapter in the adventure there will be two more to look out for, and if you haven't picked any of the chapters up yet there are multiple ways to do so. Each chapter after the first, which is free, will cost 700 gold, or you can buy them for $6.99 a pop if you want to buy them separately. If you're grabbing the entire package of all five chapters you can pick it up for $19.99, and then each one will open up for you at no additional cost once they go live.


Since Hearthstone is a card battler it's primary mode of play is against other players, but the solo adventures add a lot of depth to the game thanks to adding in bits of storyline to follow along with. They also help you learn new cards and complete new decks, so they're certainly a worthwhile affair if you play this game often.

In the Streets of Dalaran chapter that has gone live today your main goal is going to be doing what you can to help the plan for the heist in any way possible, providing a distraction for each step to succeed and allow the next step to move forward.

As this is a new chapter and each chapter has its own specialized content, the Streets of Dalaran will have a new final boss to defeat called Madame Lazul. You'll also get the chance to play as two new anti-hero characters; Talon-Priest Kriziki, a priest, and Captain Eudora, a rogue. Both of the new anti-hero playable characters will have two hero powers that players can unlock if they complete the associated challenges for each character.

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Those familiar with World of Warcraft and the city of Dalaran (a location within the game) will know how jam-packed the streets of the city are. Hearthstone has taken this particular detail and has implemented it by lowering the amount of minions that can be added on each side of the board.

With the Streets of Dalaran chapter accounting for the more narrow pathways you will only have enough room for four minions on each side. This should bring in an extra element of challenge as you'll to spend some time looking at your minions more closely and choosing the best minions for your turn.

While less minions might be a handicap for you, it can also work in your favor as you'll be able to take advantage of the minion decrease of your opponent. Both sides have the same handicap here, so although it might limit you it limits your opponent as well, and the one who takes advantage of this fact the most is likely to come out the victor.


Following this new chapter you'll still have Chapter four: The Underbelly, and chapter five: the Kirin Tor Citadel to complete, each with their own unique bosses, playable anti-heros, and unique traits to the setting that change up the battles a little bit. There's currently no mention of a date for release of these two remaining chapters, though.