New Battles New Adventures: Pokémon Rumble Rush Coming Soon


Pokémon Rumble Rush will be launching globally soon, giving fans of the franchise a whole new way to enjoy Pokémon as the latest entry in the Pokémon Rumble series of video games.

Like other games in Nintendo's roster of mobile titles that have launched in the last couple of years Pokémon Rumble Rush was designed to be easily accessible to anyone on the go who wishes to pick it up and play at any given moment.

This hinges on making it easy to play with one hand not too unlike Nintendo's Super Mario Run. To that end, Rumble Rush will employ easy "tapping" gameplay mechanics that will allow players to control their character and Pokémon as well as pull off various attacks in battle, giving the game a true feel of being designed from the ground up for smartphones.


Those who may still be playing Pokémon GO shouldn't feel like things are too out of their wheelhouse when it comes to gameplay controls as it too was designed to be played with single-handed taps and swipes primarily, though there is nothing stopping anyone from playing the game with two hands if they wish.

Pokémon Rumble Rush may come as somewhat of a surprise as it was previously known under a different title, called PokéLand, which was originally announced back in 2017. Since then the game has been given the new moniker and has already soft-launched in Australia before launching in other regions in the near future.

Pokémon has always had the underlying theme of collecting as many pocket monsters as you can throughout the game, however Pokémon Rumble Rush should feel more like a gatcha RPG as opposed to a standard RPG like the Pokémon games in the mainline series of titles.


For those unfamiliar with a gatcha RPG, a big element of this type of gameplay is simply collecting. With Pokémon Rumble Rush players will be trying to grow their roster of Pokémon by traveling around various islands to battle wild Pokémon which may join the player's lineup.

As players battle more Pokémon, they'll be able to grow their roster even faster by collecting more of them all for an ultimate goal of building up the strongest team possible.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will be keeping things fresh and exciting by alternating the areas which players will be able to explore, switching out the islands to go on an expedition every two weeks with each island having a varied selection of wild Pokémon that roam about.


Islands will also host "super bosses" that will require a stronger set of Pokémon in order to defeat them, so players will be encouraged to battle and collect as many Pokémon as they can to find the mashup that suits their play style the best.

In addition to getting stronger Pokémon that may not have already been collected, players will be able to essentially upgrade the Pokémon that they have collected in a couple of different ways – either by collecting more of the same Pokémon which makes that specific species stronger when they join or by equipping augmentations of sorts.

These augmentations are called Power Gears (which boost the stats of the Pokémon that the gear is equipped to), and Summon Gears which as the name suggests will allow the player to summon other Pokémon to join the fight alongside those in their collection and on the current roster in use.


The game has not yet been given an exact date for a global release but it will be "free-to-start" when it lands in the US and other regions, which means there will be optional purchases that players can make with real currency if they wish but they shouldn't be mandatory.