Slakoth Is Pokémon GO's Latest Featured Community Day Pokémon

Pok%C3%A9mon GO Community Day Slakoth

A new featured Pokémon is entering the world of Pokémon GO coming up in June. Slakoth, one of the absolute laziest Pokémon is the latest featured Community Day Pokémon to watch out for. While Slakoth was already available in the game, being featured for Community Day means it’ll show up in the wild more often giving players additional chances to catch it and add it to their rosters.

If you already have Slakoth in your roster, there are incentives to participating in the Community Day event as you will have the chance to learn a new exclusive move for Slakoth or its evolution that can only be learned during this event. The catch, is that you will only have a few hours during the day of June 8 for this to happen and it’ll be between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

In addition to the possibility of learning a new move there are other bonuses to take advantage of during that three-hour time slot, like eggs that hatch in shorter distances and lures that last for the entire three hours of the event.


More than adding in special moves for the featured Pokémon, these Community Day events give something back to the user that helps keep the game fresh and exciting, and that’s the important thing to keep in mind.

While large content updates that add new features, new Pokémon, and new boss battles are certainly appreciated, the Community Day is something happens once a month every month that gives players something to do and adds incentive to get out there in the wild and explore.

The Community Days are about more than just acquiring special Pokémon abilities or special Pokémon in general. They’re about giving players a reason to join up with like-minded individuals who share a love for the Pokémon franchise as well as Pokémon GO. Who knows, it could even help players meet new friends.


As this is an event that is geared towards many different communities around the globe, the 3pm to 6pm time frame is based on your own local time, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about participating.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are plenty of different platforms where players communicate and discuss meetups for this event, like Discord, Facebook, WhatsApp and more, so if you’re looking for people to play with these are tools and discussion forums you may want to check out.

Remember, to get the exclusive move for Slakoth or its evolved form you’ll need to catch either of them during this event, so if you want the move you will need to get out there for Community Day, and whether you’re out there specifically for the exclusive move or you’re looking for other trainers to battle, playing for even a little bit can result in something beneficial.


If you’re curious about the exclusive move and what it will allow Slakoth to do, this particular detail has been kept secret so the only way to figure out what it is, is to actually learn it, no doubt a tactic employed by Niantic to ensure that curiosity gets the best of players and gets them excited about participating in Community Day each month. If you fit into that category, you’ll have a couple of weeks before the event kicks off.