OPPO Smartphone With Under-Display Camera Coming In 2019: Rumor

AH New Logo OPPO Find X 2018 62

OPPO will announce a smartphone with under display camera this year, at least according to Ben Geskin. Tipster shared this information via his official Twitter account, while also sharing an image of an unknown smartphone. This is probably the Vivo Find X, and not the upcoming phone with an under-display camera.

Mr. Geskin probably included this image in order to show you the possible design of the company’s upcoming smartphone with an under-display camera. That phone will sport extremely thin bezels, and will probably look similar to devices that have pop-up cameras, and sliding camera mechanisms these days.

If OPPO manages to release such a phone, it will basically solve one of the biggest issues OEMs have with smartphones these days, and that question is: “where to put the front-facing camera?”


Most smartphone manufacturers opted for display camera holes or notches lately, while some of them included pop-up cameras and sliding camera mechanisms. If under-display cameras become a thing, that will be a saving grace for the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers.

Still, most reports claimed that under-display cameras are still far off, so you should take this report by Ben Geskin with a grain of salt. Implementing cameras under the display is still not possible, at least not if you want that camera to provide a decent image.

Under-display cameras have been in testing for quite some time now, by a wide range of smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. Most projections said that we’re still a couple of years away from such technology, at least, so today’s report is fishy at best. OPPO does like to try out new things, so it’s possible that the company will release such a phone, but it remains to be seen if its selfie camera will be any good.


We still do not have any info on when that device may become official, but that will probably happen in the second half of this year, perhaps even towards the end of the year. On the other hand, the OPPO Find X was announced back in June last year, so perhaps the company is planning to include such tech into its successor, and if that ends up being the case, the device will arrive sooner than we think.

In-display fingerprint scanners have managed to become a part of a wide range of smartphones, and if under-display cameras ever become good, the same will happen with them, most certainly.

If OPPO actually manages to do this, its device will almost certainly include an OLED display, as it will need to disable a number of pixels on that display in order to enable the under-display camera to operate. It has to be an OLED; as LCD panels cannot disable specific pixels.


We are eagerly awaiting for OPPO to share some info regarding this, if this information is accurate, of course. The company managed to surprise us quite a few times thus far, and it would definitely do that again if it ends up releasing a smartphone with an under-display camera by the end of 2019. Until then, however, we’ll have to deal with pop-up camera, sliding camera mechanisms, and display notches / holes.