OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 & Warp Charge Car Charger Confirmed


The OnePlus 7 series is scheduled to arrive on May 14, and it seems like a YouTuber mistakenly published some images of the OnePlus 7 product packaging, along with some upcoming accessories.

If you take a look at the gallery down below, you will notice four images, all have originally been published by Linus Tech Tips, at least according to Venkatesh Babu.G Twitter account which re-uploaded them. Those images are no longer available over at Linus Tech Tips, as it seems like they were deleted quickly after going live.

In any case, three of these images are showing the OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Pro packaging, and all we can see here is a teaser image that the company already published on the OnePlus 7 series placeholder site. That image confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will have a curved display, that's for sure.


Second-gen Bullets Wireless earbuds are coming

The fourth image that was published is actually far more revealing, as it is showing next-gen Bullets Wireless earbuds, and OnePlus' upcoming car charger. You can clearly see these earbuds on the box, while this image also confirms that they will be called Bullets Wireless 2.

These earbuds are expected to support OnePlus' fast charging, and better sound quality than the first-gen product, of course. You can clearly see that the design is different compared to the first-gen product, as the main housing is more or less circular here, which was not the case with the first-gen product.


Also, this image does not show ear fins, though they may be included in the box, as they help a lot when it comes to securing those earbuds in your ears while you're working out and so on. Additional ear tips will probably be included in the box as well, as they were included with the first-gen product, and are basically standard equipment when it comes to such earbuds.

An extremely fast car charger will be available as well

Those of you who are planning to purchase the OnePlus 7 (Pro), and are in need of a car charger, well, a perfect one is coming from OnePlus. The Warp Charge 30 Car Charger is the name of this product according to the provided image, and it suggests that OnePlus' 30W fast charging will be a part of the package here, which means that you will be able to utilize full speed charging even when you're in your car.


As far as the design is concerned, this car charger looks okay, but nothing to write home about, it's a car charger after all. It does have OnePlus' logo on it, and it does look nice with a combination of silver and black colors.

May 14 is the D day

All of these accessories are expected to go official on the same day as the OnePlus 7 series, on May 14. In addition to these accessories, OnePlus is expected to announce the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G smartphones, at least according to rumors.


The company pretty much already confirmed the OnePlus 7 Pro, while we don't have all that much info about the other two products. The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is expected to be identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro in terms of the design, though, and most of its specs will be identical as well.