You Can Now Buy The OnePlus 7 Pro, Starting At $669

OnePlus 7 Pro AM AH 6

The OnePlus 7 Pro was announced earlier this week, and now it is available to buy. Starting at $669.

OnePlus announced its latest “Never Settle” smartphone this week, at three simultaneous events in the US, UK and India. Thousands of fans were in attendance, as well as plenty of members of the press. It was OnePlus’ largest event yet, and it made sense. Seeing as the OnePlus 7 Pro is its most ambitious smartphone yet.

As usual with OnePlus, the 7 Pro has top-of-the-line specs, including a 6.67-inch fluid AMOLED QHD+ display, powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 6GB/8GB/12GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of storage. There is also a larger 4000mAh capacity battery inside. But as you might have expected, there’s also no headphone jack. Something that the company took away a few smartphones ago, despite its users being very upset about the removal.


The OnePlus 7 Pro is a big change for the company. It has ditched the notch, in favor of a pop up camera. It also graduated from a Full HD display to a Quad HD+ display, and it increased the battery capacity. It also brought in its biggest price hike yet, coming in at $669. Which is still a steal for what you’re getting here, especially when compared to the other smartphones on the market right now.

OnePlus kept the popular Alert Slider on the 7 Pro, so you can easily silence your smartphone, and keep alerts from coming in. It has also improved Oxygen OS. Which is by far, Android’s favorite skin. At least according to a survey that OnePlus commissioned. Oxygen OS is a very lightweight skin that goes on top of Android. It has essentially added in a number of features that fit in with stock Android. This makes updates easier for OnePlus to roll out, but it also keeps the phone pretty fast. Speaking of fast, OnePlus has removed a lot of the animations over the years, in Oxygen OS, which is why its smartphones do feel so much faster than a Galaxy S10 or Pixel 3 XL.

OnePlus is promising software updates for two years with the 7 Pro, and security updates for three years. This seems to be the standard with smartphone manufacturers now – almost as if Google is forcing them to do this, if they want Google Mobile Services certification.


The OnePlus 7 Pro is a pretty impressive smartphone, to say the least. When most smartphones are coming in with prices of $999 or more, it’s not hard to see why the OnePlus 7 Pro has already sold a boatload at pop up events around the world. And it’s only just getting started.

You can purchase the OnePlus 7 Pro today from OnePlus’ website. It will be unlocked, but it is only a GSM unlocked phone, there’s no word on whether it’ll work on Verizon. Which is a tad surprising considering the OnePlus 6T did work on Verizon. It starts at $669 for 6GB/128GB. Goes up to $699 for the 8GB/256GB and you can get that in Nebula Blue. While the highest-end model is priced at $749 and will feature 12GB/256GB.

OnePlus 7 Pro - OnePlus.com - $669