Take VR To The Next Level With Oculus Quest And Rift S Headsets

Oculus Quest Rift S

Now’s your chance to take VR experiences to the next level with the Oculus Quest and Rift S headsets, Oculus’ latest hardware options for virtual reality which are as of today newly available with Oculus officially shipping both new pieces of hardware to consumers.

As with any of Oculus past hardware, the two new headsets can be picked up from Oculus’ own official online store, but also through various retail partners like Amazon and Best Buy. Both headsets use the latest technology in VR that Oculus has to offer but both are also catering to specific groups of people.

If you’ve been following the development of either or both new headsets, then you likely already know which one may be the right pick for you. For those that are unfamiliar, the Quest is geared towards users who want an all-in-one wireless solution for their future VR needs, while the Rift S will need to be connected to a PC for use.


Though Oculus already offers an all-in-one wireless headset with the Oculus GO, the Quest offers more of a robust and powerful set of features and is touted by Oculus as its first all-in-one gaming headset, so users can be assured that Oculus has taken more of a gaming-focused approach with the Quest when it comes the company’s wireless headset options.

More to the point is that the Quest headset keeps users wire-free thanks to technology like the 6DOF or six degree of freedom, yet it’s still powerful enough to provide users with a great gaming experience.

Interestingly enough is that both headsets have hit the market at the same cost which is $399 so choosing one really comes down to how would rather experience your games whether that’s in a wire-free all-in-one setup or connected to a gaming PC. Keeping that in mind, the Quest is likely to appeal more to those who don’t already have a gaming PC that is capable of powering a VR headset.


Keeping those price points in mind, since the Quest is an all-in-one piece of hardware that means games will have to be stored on the headset’s internal memory, and the $399 price is the one set for the 64GB option of the headset. Those wanting more storage can opt for the 128GB model which ups the price to $499.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both headsets also come with the Touch Controllers, but since Rift S is geared towards PCs and the Quest is an all-in-one unit, users may not necessarily have access to the same library of games, as some may be more demanding of the hardware that Quest is able to provide.

While the Rift S may need a PC to power it, it still boasts a simpler setup than the previous Oculus Rift headset thanks to the lack of needing external sensors. Users only need to download the appropriate Oculus software, go through the basic setup and installation process, and connect the headset to the PC via USB.


With both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S headsets now available for purchase and with the shipping process underway, this might give a bit of an edge to Oculus over competitors like Vive who are set to release the Vive Cosmos later this year, a comparable headset to the Quest.

Oculus Rift S - Amazon - $399 Oculus Quest - Amazon - $399