You Can Play Mario Kart Tour Wednesday, If You Were Selected

Mario Kart Tour Logo

You’ll be able to play Mario Kart Tour this Wednesday, that is, if you were selected for the game’s closed beta test. Nintendo began sending out emails early this morning to those who signed up for the next highly anticipated mobile title from one of gaming’s most beloved companies, and for the lucky ones who were selected to participate it’s likely going to be a rather fun week ahead.

Previously Mario Kart Tour was supposed to release in the beginning of this year but Nintendo confirmed that it would be pushing back the launch until sometime in the Summer, announcing a few months later that there would be a closed beta test prior to the game’s official launch.

Now that the beta test is close to being underway eager gamers, even those who don’t get the chance to test out the game, will soon be able to learn a little more about what the game will include and how it will work. Anything and everything from gameplay controls to which characters will be making their debut should be readily available information in just a couple of short days.


Of course this is a beta test, so it goes without saying that things are certainly subject to change, and anything that is included in the beta version of the game may very well be left out when Nintendo releases it for everyone.

The beta is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 22 and continue until Tuesday, June 4, but this too has the possibility of changing should anything arise that Nintendo decides needs to be ironed out before it lets players download the game and begin to dive in.

The beta test will only include residents who signed up either from the USA or Japan and there are a couple of technical details to make note of. Nintendo mentions that devices running on Android Q will not be supported for the beta, so if you have a device that’s running on one of the developer preview builds of the software, it’s not likely the game will work.


Nintendo also mentions that only “certain devices” will work when attempting to play the beta version of the game, but it does not mention any devices specifically, so it’s less likely that the list of unsupported devices will be very large.

Though the closed beta is scheduled to start on Wednesday, there’s no mention of an exact time so you could be waiting until the end of the day to give things a go. Nintendo will send another email to selected participants when the beta test is ready to begin, so although the chance may be small there’s always the chance that the time could change and the test could begin sooner.

There is next to no information about Mario Kart Tour so the beta test will truly serve as an eye opener and will be a way for players to gauge what to expect for the full game release. Though Nintendo hasn’t said anything about pricing, the beta test FAQ does mention that in-app purchases will not be possible during the beta, which denotes that players should expect them in the full version of the game.


When it launches it’s also quite likely that the game will be free to play just like all of Nintendo’s other mobile titles which have already been released, with the possibility of making a one-time purchase for the game to unlock additional content.