Google Reportedly Plans To Stick With Affordable Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 3a AM AH 5

Earlier today Google announced the all-new Google Pixel 3a smartphone series during the company’s I/O 2019 developer event.

These mark quite the departure from the existing Pixel series smartphones as the emphasis here is not on the price. Well, it technically is, but not on the devices being premium priced. Apparently, that’s something that’s not going to change anytime soon.

A new report out of Android Police details a conversation had with a Google representative who made it clear the affordable approach to Pixels showcased by the 3a line is one Google intends to stick with.


According to the report, Google is committed to releasing more affordable Pixel phones in the future.

Beyond the reported confirmation that cheaper Pixel phones are here to stay, there was no word from Google on how the company plans to ensure the two approaches — premium and affordable — coexist together going forward.

For example, the big play today was the fact that users can now get in on the Pixel action without having to pay true Pixel prices. Not only are buyers getting what is essentially the same software experience, but they are also getting the same camera experience – the one feature the premium Pixel line has now become known for.


This is unlikely to encourage buyers to opt for the premium model when they know that they will have an opportunity to buy a cheaper version of the same experience just a few months later.

Of course, Google does need to sell more Pixel phones in general, and one of the big takeaways from today is that’s what the company is now trying hard to do.

Not only did Google announce a new and cheaper Pixel smartphone series, but T-Mobile and Sprint have also now both announced they too will be carrying the Pixel 3a line.


This is counter to the traditional Pixel retail approach that has up until now seen Pixel phones largely only available to buy either from Google or its exclusive partner, Verizon.

Therefore, it is clear today that Google is now looking to try and ensure as many doors to purchase are open as possible for the Pixel line. Presumably, that also now means if a cheaper line affects the sales of the more premium line, then so be it as long as more Pixel phones are sold and end up in the hands of more users. That is, presumably, what Google cares the most about.

The only other real alternative is to make active decisions to ensure the affordable Pixel line offers less than what the premium Pixel line offers although it remains to be seen how well that approach will be taken by consumers.


After all, that would run directly counter to what Google announced today and the general approach Google seems to be taking with its new “a” line of phones.

Irrespective of all this, the takeaway from this latest news is that more affordable Pixel phones are in the works, and that’s got to be good news for consumers.