Retro Fan-Favorite 'Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap' Is Out Today

Universally loved by gaming fans around the world, retro game Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap in its rebooted form is out today on Android thanks to Dotemu and Lizardcube, and you can play it right now if you're so inclined.

Releasing first on consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap takes a classic console smash hit and delivers an entirely new gameplay experience from the original thanks to the lovingly crafted hand-drawn artwork and animations used for the graphics, as well as an updated sountrack for a new audio-visual experience.

One cool thing of note that should appeal to fans of the original, is that you can swap back and forth between playing with the retro graphics or the hand-drawn ones, and this can be done at your leisure, so you can play with modern graphics and sound one minute and then 8-bit retro graphics and sound the next.

Adventure games like this one with a side-scrolling camera view offer up a gameplay experience that is not only fun but easy to get used to as you won't have to focus at all on panning the camera angles around to see your surroundings. You can just appreciate the simplicity of the 2D view along with all of the colors and other gameplay mechanics.

As a 2D adventure game Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap will have plenty of familiar elements like life hearts, special abilities, simple controls, and you'll even be able to play as a handful of different characters from the colorful cast. Each character also has their own special attacks, keeping gameplay fun and fresh as you transform into each one throughout the game.

In a world filled with free-to-play mobile games of varying quality, Dotemu continues its crusade of delivering premium games to the mobile platform that you purchase once, instead of giving players something at no cost upfront only to be met with literal loads of micro transactions that can end up costing ten times the amount of a one-time-buy game.

That said, Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap costs $9.99 to pick up, so it'll surely be more than many mobile gamers are used to, but it's a price worth paying for such a nostalgic masterpiece. Really high-quality, consistently fun games that leave you with little to no bad taste in your mouth are hard to come by on the mobile platform. And, as an added bonus for those that grab the game within the first six days, the game will be available for a sale price of $6.99.

Although this won't be everyone's cup of tea, if you value things like quality and hours of exciting gameplay over a few dollars, then you won't want to miss out here, that is assuming you enjoy adventure games, and thanks to the Play Store's longer refund policy if you install it and play it for a little while but don't have fun, you can always ask for the refund after uninstalling.

If you find yourself in love with Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap, you'll be pleased to know that the game does offer up some replay value in the form of three difficulty levels. This makes it easy for anyone and everyone to start off with the lowest difficulty available for a first play-through, or for those who are comfortable with these types of games to kick things up a notch and play it on the highest level.

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