PUBG MOBILE Club Open Lists 48 Qualifying Teams For Regionals

PUBG MOBILE has confirmed which teams from each of the three included regions will be moving on from the semi finals to the regional finals, which includes 16 teams each from the North America, Europe, and India regions for a total of 48 teams altogether that have qualified to compete at the next level.

The regional finals competition will begin in June and kick off with the matches between teams from South America and Europe on June 1 and June 2 and move on from there, with the qualifying teams from each set of regional competition matches advancing to the Global Spring Split Finals competition which will take place in July in Berlin, Germany.

While it's still hard for some to see mobile Esports or even Esports in general as a thing, competitions like this one do well to showcase just how popular the whole of Esports has become. If any further proof was needed that mobile Esports has been gaining in popularity and making a name for itself as an event worth tuning into if you enjoy gaming, one doesn't need to look too much further than the prize pool provided for this competition which is over $2 million.

Clash Royale is another great example of the footprint that mobile Esports is leaving in the world of competitive gaming. With Clash Royale League West which started just a couple of days ago, 12 teams from the Western region face off against each other in hopes to make it to the world finals to compete against other regions and potentially win from a prize pool of over $1 million.

Vivo will be the official sponsor of the PUBG MOBILE Club Open at each event, so when teams arrive for their matches the devices they will be playing on will come from Vivo's most powerful stock to provide a smooth gaming experience during the competition.

With a prize pool of over $2 million it's not clear where exactly all of the prize money will be coming from, but it would make sense if Vivo had a small hand in it as sponsors often participate in adding to some of the money that makes up the winnings.

With the beginning date of the regional finals competition for the PUBG MOBILE Club Open now set and the rankings lists from the semi finals of each region having been released, both those in the competition as well as watching the competition can look forward to the action and excitement of the next phase.

In addition to the news of the semi finals team rankings and the qualifying teams from each region that will be moving on to the regional finals competition, Tencent and PUBG MOBILE also highlighted that the game has recently reached a total monthly active user count of 100 million players, which is by no means a small accomplishment.

It also shouldn't be too much of a shock considering the popularity of PUBG on PC, the platform that the franchise started on. Those wishing to keep tabs on the competition and watch each match, will be able to do so through the official PUBG MOBILE Esports YouTube Channel.

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