Defend Cities And Battle Monsters In Godzilla Defense Force

Godzilla Defense Force is the latest game to land on mobile devices built around Godzilla, tasking you with defending cities from around the globe from the attacks of various monsters in the Godzilla universe. With Godzilla: King of the Monsters coming to theaters at the end of May the iconic monster from the popular Japanese franchise is getting plenty of attention.

Just yesterday Tencent announced that PUBG Mobile would be getting a crossover event that will be themed around the Godzilla: King of the Monsters film, and now Nexon has just launched a brand new strategy game that centers around Godzilla and the many different monsters from the TOHO Godzilla series.

Since these are monsters based on the series from TOHO many of them will have the classic designs as opposed to some of the more modern ones. There are loads of monsters to battle against and collect as Nexon included monsters from across 29 different TOHO Godzilla films starting with the 1954 film, meaning players will have no shortage of content and the game should offer plenty of replay value if you set out to collect every monster there is.

Though this is a strategy game it doesn't appear to have too difficult of a learning curve so it should be rather easy for just about anyone to pick up and get into. The main focus of the game is to manage and defend your base from the attacks of the various monsters, but part of the game is also collecting the different monsters you will end up fighting against so you can add them to your roster and use them for summoning later on.

The different monsters (kaiju) in your roster will be in the form of Godzilla cards which you can add to your deck after they've been collected. Each monster will have their own unique special attacks and traits which might be useful against certain monsters, so taking just a little extra time to think out which monsters you want in your deck or which deck you want to use could be very beneficial.

If you have played any base management/strategy games similar to this one in the past then gameplay will most likely be pretty familiar, and when you need to take a little bit of a break from battling you can take things easy and read up on the different monsters by checking out the monster codex, which gives detailed information and lore about the different monsters that are included in the game.

The monster codex should help you learn enough about the various monsters to help you decide which of your own to place in your deck for summoning, but it's also a nice touch if you simply like learning about the stories behind characters. It also might give you something to down during your downtime as there is sure to be moments where you might need to wait for something on your base to be built.

Godzilla Defense Force is a free game but there are in-app purchases, probably for things like speeding up timers and acquiring other Godzilla cards. The game is also now live on the Play Store for anyone wanting to check it out.

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