MU ORIGIN2 Is Out, Promises Epic Combat And Big Open World

If you're into mobile MMORPG games then the latest one to sink your teeth into is MU ORIGIN2, the new title from Webzen and the continuation of the mobile version that's based on the PC counterpart. The game has officially launched in the US today and promises plenty of exciting gameplay elements, including some fairly epic combat and a huge open world to explore.

As with all MMO games there are multiple classes that players can dive into the game with depending on how they like to play. In MU ORIGIN2's case there are only three classes, at least for now, and these include the Dark Knight which is a heavy armor/heavy attack melee class, the Dark Wizard which is a magic class specializing in area of effect and ranged elemental attacks, and finally the Elf, which is basically a ranger class and deals damage with ranged physical attacks.

As this is an MMO there are likely to be more classes to choose from in the future but for now players will have to stick to choosing from these three and these three alone. The lack of expansive class choices might be a turn-off for some but Webzen is hoping that the game has enough other stuff to offer to keep players engaged.

Players can expect the usual here when it comes to content, including PvP-based battle arenas to fight against other players, multi-person raids and dungeons that can be entered with friends, and of course a campaign or campaign-like set of quests that can be completed as a solo player to help level up their chosen character and get them to become familiar with the types of attacks and abilities that character possesses.

It wouldn't feel like a traditional MMO without mounts, and although this isn't technically a traditional MMO MU ORIGIN2 does have mounts available for players to acquire in the event that they will need to travel longer distances. This will be extremely helpful if you're looking to get somewhere in a shorter amount of time.

Other MMO traits like guilds, upgrading gear, and a social system for communicating with other players in your party or just in general can also be found in-game, as well as what seems to be a universally disliked feature, the dreaded auto-play that is available in so many games on mobile these days, and not just in MMOs.

While many players do not seem to like this particular feature, it's entirely possible that there are just as many that do appreciate it and it is possible to turn the auto-play off for those that would rather experience everything the game has to offer for themselves when they actually have time to play it.

With the game now available, anyone looking to get their next mobile MMO fix can grab MU ORIGIN2 for free on the Play Store, and there's actually some incentive to playing consistently as it will offer daily login bonuses which can help to rack up useful things like in-game currency and various special items.

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