You Might Be Able To Play League Of Legends On Mobile Soon

League Of Legends

In the future it just might be possible to play League of Legends on mobile devices, as Riot Games who develops and publishes the popular MOBA game for PC is said to be working with Tencent to release a mobile version of the game at some point.

As it stands there is no confirmation from either Tencent or Riot that a mobile version of League of Legends is currently in development and that the two are working to release such a game for mobile devices. With that said it would make sense for the two companies to be working on expanding League of Legends' reach beyond PC.

According to the unnamed sources which have reportedly requested to stay anonymous, Tencent had proposed the idea of Riot creating a mobile version of League of Legends in the past but Riot rejected the idea.


Leading up to today it's also being reported that circumstances may have caused Riot to rethink its position on the project, and that the game has now been in development for more than a year but doesn't look to have a launch date set for any time in 2019.

When it comes to those circumstances which may have been reasoning for Riot to rethink its decision, multiple factors can come into play. League of Legends although still profitable for Riot, has brought in less money in 2018 than it did the year prior, about 21-percent less.

Finding new ways to monetize League of Legends may have caused Riot to consider the mobile route as a mobile version could bring in larger numbers of users in Asia where mobile gaming is the preferred platform.


Whether or not Riot is actually working on such a title with Tencent isn't clear just yet, but it's certainly possible. Following Tencent's majority stake and eventual full ownership of Riot it launched its own Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for mobile devices in China called Honor of Kings, which was then ported to the US and other Western countries as Arena of Valor.

Both games seem to compare quite a lot to League of Legends. Arena of Valor in particular looks and even feels very similar, save for the actual gameplay controls which are obviously touch-based.

Aside from that though, the graphics, the directional output of abilities and attacks from characters and even the characters themselves feel very familiar to what you'll find in League of Legends, so it's entirely possible for a mobile version of League of Legends to work.


Whether or not it's in Riot's best interest to put out a mobile version of the game is something only Riot itself can answer, but from a monetary and profit standpoint it could very well be a good business decision even if it was more profitable in countries like China and others throughout Asia as opposed to the US, where mobile gaming is less popular.

That said it could also cause backlash with PC gamers, who can sometimes be a passionate bunch and may not consider mobile gaming to be a viable platform. This is something that Blizzard knows all too well following its announcement of Diablo Immortal at last year's BlizzCon, when players of the original games on PC more or less chastised Blizzard for even considering the release of mobile game that's based on a franchise which has always been rooted in PC gaming.

That doesn't necessarily mean that Riot would face the same kinds of backlash from fans, as a large chunk of its player base is in Asia where mobile gaming tends to be dominant. And, with Tencent having already developed two mobile MOBA games that are as close to League of Legends as you can probably get, it could take care of any or at the very least some of the hesitations that Riot may have, or have had in regards to a mobile League of Legends doing well on the mobile platform.