MARVEL Strike Force Grows Its Roster Of Playable Mutants

MARVEL Strike Force has grown its roster of of playable mutants by adding in three new X-Men to the game that you can now collect and add to your team. With the latest film in the X-Men universe, Dark Phoenix, launching in early June, it's only fitting that Dark Phoenix is one of the newly added playable characters.

You'll be able to harness her legion of dark powers for devastating attacks and damage like siphoning life from enemies and flying at supersonic speeds. You even start the game off as the regular Phoenix and once your health depletes to zero you transform into the Dark Phoenix and rain down fire on your opponents.

In addition to the Dark Phoenix players will also get the chance to collect Colossus and Psylocke and add them both to their roster of heroes and mutants. Each of these two have their own unique abilities to bring to the table, with Colossus performing the duties of your team's support and tank-like roles.

To that end he will be able to use a special ability called Death Proof where becomes the shield for the rest of the team. His more basic abilities that can be used more often will help with things like stacking up buffs for stronger attacks or other useful traits, as well as giving the rest of the team better defense.

With Pyslocke, players will be able to use her iconic psyonic blades for attacks, but perhaps more useful is the ability to take any negative effects that have been attached to your team from the enemy and turn them back around on the enemy. Psylocke will also have the ability to pierce enemy armor so she will be a good hero to have on the team if you're fighting anyone with particularly strong armor.

If you've never played MARVEL Strike Force before but you are a fan of the X-Men and other MARVEL comics, you may just find that this suits you quite well. It's a role playing game that fits into the gacha category which means it has the gacha mechanic for collecting heroes and villains. A big focus on these types of games is to collect as many characters as you can and build up the best team possible.

Of course not every battle or situation will be the same so having as many characters as possible allows you to switch them out as needed so you have the right characters for the job. New characters are always a big thing when it comes to patch updates for games as they hold an especially exciting element for enhancing the gameplay. However there's more than just new characters to look out for in this recent patch.

Players can now view Alliance War rosters to see who's available for War Attacks and it's now possible for Alliance leaders to move teams around the helicarrier rooms. Other new changes include improvements to the Alliance leader selection, new Alliance messaging systems for a celebratory factor when something gets done with exceptional quality, and there's a host of bug fixes included as well though that's really more of a quality of life update to the game.

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