Google Plans To Reveal Stadia's Cost And Launch Date This Summer

Google will finally reveal the cost of its upcoming Stadia game streaming service this Summer, alongside the information surrounding its launch date. Both of those are important details that anyone who's interested in Stadia will certainly want to know, and are perhaps the two most burning questions that have been sitting on the minds of many who are hoping Stadia will meet their gaming needs.

Google's official Stadia twitter revealed that it will also talk about game launches alongside those other two pieces of information, so if you're less concerned with price and launch date and care more about what you will be able to play with Stadia, you will learn that soon enough too.

Stadia, though it won't outright replace desktop gaming PCs or consoles in their current forms as the main gaming platform of choice for most people, will no doubt be able to convince some to consider making the leap from a traditional gaming machine and embrace all that it has to offer.

Less is more, and with less hardware Stadia is aiming to offer its customers more options for gaming. Not necessarily in the number of games available, but more ways to actually play since the idea with Stadia is allowing you to stream the games through any device that has the Chrome browser.

As an added benefit you get to cut down on some clutter, seeing as how most gaming rigs and consoles are probably going to be noticeably bigger than Stadia hardware. Though Google doesn't mention exactly when this Summer it will be revealing the price, launch date, or game announcements, those details won't be too far off seeing as it's almost June.

Also worth mentioning is that Google actually refers to the launch as "launch information" so it likely won't be just the date of the launch for the service but also which regions it will launch in first, which is sure to be important to potential customers outside the U.S. as Google often rolls services out in staggered time frames across various countries.

Google says that more details are coming soon but stays tight-lipped on exactly what those details would be, so it's possible that it was referring to the price, launch, and games, but it's also possible that it was referring to additional information that it hasn't yet shared with the public about the service or hardware.

Whatever information Google has to share on Stadia in the coming weeks and months, it'll definitely need to set things up right on the game front, meaning that it will need to have a library of game offerings that is compelling enough to make consumers want to give up their physical consoles and PCs.

There's no doubt that Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be one of those titles considering it was used as a demo at Google I/O this year, but that is simply one major title, and it won't appeal to everyone. If Stadia is to succeed among competitors like Shadow, it will need to offer a similar capability in playing just about anything you could play on a physical gaming rig.

That said partnerships for the platform aren't necessarily the easiest thing to come by. Google may have its work cut out for it in getting publishers and developers on board for the platform, though it could just as easily breeze through the process. Only time will tell.

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