You Probably Didn't Notice These Visual Changes Google Made To Search

Google Search Redesign May 2019

Google is currently deploying a redesign of its mobile search results page, which aims to better guide users through websites and other sources of information present on the internet.

One of the key design changes incorporated into the revamped mobile search results page is the renewed emphasis on website branding. The uppermost part of a listing or a result card on the Google search page now shows the name of the website and an icon unique to it.

This redesign makes it easier for users to find which websites could provide them with the information that they need, reducing the time that people spend on searching for sources of reliable information.


To make it easier for users to stand out from other websites, Google allows web developers to choose icons that will represent the website in organic search results, as long as these icons follow the guidelines set by the tech giant. For example, the icons should not feature symbols or images that Google considers inappropriate, like the use of hate symbols and pornography.

This redesign also affects advertisements shown at the top of the Google search results. The tech firm also moved the label for the advertisement and the address of the website towards the top portion of the search listing, making the design consistent across all search results.

Aside from making it easier for users to explore websites, the redesign of the search results also permits Google to more clearly attribute the sources of the information shown on its mobile search results page. It also allows the tech giant to add in the future more previews and buttons that make it easier to access portions of the website.


Users will see this redesign within the next few days, although Google also intends to make this redesign available on the desktop version of Google Search. However, the tech firm did not provide more information on when the new search design will become available on desktops.

Google has been actively redesigning and introducing new features into its search results page to improve how it relays information to users.

Last year, the search giant tested design changes to the search results pages based on revised Material Design guidelines, which resulted in the rounding of the search bar and the reduction in the size of the Google logo and the top part of the user interface. This redesign also made product ads more prominent through the efficient use of white space.


Within the last few months, Google also added subtopics related to the search keyword on the search panels. This feature provides users with more details about the topic they are searching for.

On the other hand, the search giant also intends to introduce augmented reality into Google Search. During the Google I/O event, Google noted that in the future, searching for certain items may include AR exhibitions that not only provide more information about the subject but also allows people to better understand certain topics through better visuals and interactive displays.

Google hints that more changes could come to Google Search, likely to keep its lead over its search engine rivals.