uBreakiFix Will Unsurprisingly Provide The Fastest Pixel 3a Fixes

Google Pixel 3a AM AH 25

Broken phones can ordinarily be fixed or replaced with little hassle but same-day fixes are even better and thanks to a reaffirmed partnership between Google and uBreakiFix, those will now be available for both the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

The partnership is not surprising since Google-trained uBreakiFix technicians have been repairing Pixel-branded devices since the very first iteration of the hardware but that does mean users who accidentally damage their device or whose device suffers problems can get things fixed quickly. All repairs are performed using OEM standard parts too, so there's no risk of getting back a device with cheaper components than what it shipped with.

That applies to a wide range of damage including common problems like internal malfunctions, software issues, water damage, and broken display panels. It’s also applicable in or out of the handsets’ warranty period with or without an appointment and repairs are guaranteed within the same day if they're dropped off before 3:00 PM local time.


Hints at pricing

In terms of how much fixes through uBreakiFix's 450 US locations will cost users, the details are going to vary based on the repair needed. The company does indicate that screen replacements, for example, will cost $109 for the Pixel 3a and $119 for the Pixel 3a XL. That's not necessarily cheap but in many cases would be better than paying full price for a new handset or waiting several days for a replacement.

Conversely, Google customers who buy into the company's "preferred device protection plan" will be able to get their handsets serviced at any of the repair firm's locations as part of any claims they might file. That means less wait time for diagnosing or fixing problems directly through the search giant.

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Google's devices have become somewhat infamous when it comes to customer support issues and getting devices fixed. Being able to turn to uBreakiFix for repair services brings the solution to possible device issues and accidental drops closer to users.

Not only will that help alleviate the stress that could arise based on widely reported negative experiences. It comes with the added benefit of not having to void the manufacturer warranty in exchange for a quick fix.

uBreakiFix also has brick and mortar locations in Canada. While it hasn't been revealed just yet, it's not unlikely that the repair offers for the new Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL will extend to that region — albeit, probably at different pricing.


The new Pixel

Launched yesterday at Google I/O 2019, the latest run of Pixel-branded handsets from Google cost between $399 for a 64GB Pixel 3a and $479 for the same storage in a Pixel 3a XL. That means they aren't the most budget-friendly mid-rangers and picking up extra protection for low-cost or free repair service via uBreakiFix will likely be worth the additional funds spent for many users.

For their money, buyers get either a miniaturized Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL flagship — complete with camera hardware and software —  in a Just Black, Clearly White, or almost white "Purple-ish" coloration. The internal hardware is much less powerful and polycarbonates (plastic) is used in the build rather than the standard glass on the back panel but there's also a 3.5mm headphone jack in place.


In both the 5.6-inch Pixel 3a and 6-inch Pixel 3a XL, buyers won't find a notch either to inhibit their view of Android 9 Pie via the fullHD+ OLED panel. The firmware is driven along by a Snapdragon 670 SoC backed by 64GB storage and 4GB of memory with a 3,000mAh or 3,700mAh battery providing power depending on which handset is chosen.