Ghostek's FORGE Bluetooth Speaker Is Powerful & Its Price Will Surprise You

Ghostek has a brand new Bluetooth speaker out, and its the FORGE. It has a pretty low price, especially when you consider how powerful this speaker is.

Inside the FORGE, you'll find two speakers, each of which are 3W. There are 52mm speaker drivers inside, and the total power output is 6W. What this means, is that you're going to get some pretty powerful audio out of this somewhat small speaker. 52mm drivers are pretty large, and pretty rare to see in a speaker that can essentially fit in your hand. Ghostek says that you're going to get Premium HD sound quality out of the FORGE.

Ghostek made sure that the FORGE would be water resistant too. With an IPX4 rating, it can take a splash or two, but it is not water proof. Meaning that you cannot take it into the pool with you, or into the shower. There are soft-touch buttons on the top of the speaker, which are going to make it easier to control your music and also adjust the volume. Even if your hands are a bit wet.

There is a built-in microphone on the FORGE, allowing you to take phone calls on this speaker. Meaning that not only can you listen to music on this speaker, but also take calls. That's a good thing, especially if your smartphone's speaker isn't that great. Now while this does support Bluetooth 4.2+ EDR, for streaming music, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the backside. That's something that most smartphones don't even have these days. But if your smartphone does have one, you can plug it directly into the FORGE and play music wired. This is going to provide you with even better sounding audio, since Bluetooth isn't perfect in that regard.

Battery life is not the best. It sits at about three hours. On paper that looks absolutely terrible. But there are a few factors that you have to remember here. Firstly, that this is a pretty small speaker. And that it has some pretty large speakers and drivers inside. These take up more space meaning there's less space for battery, but they also use more power. So that the battery that is in there, won't last as long as a speaker that had smaller 20 or 40mm drivers inside. It is a 1200mAh capacity battery, so luckily, it is pretty quick to charge up. There is a USB port available to charge your phone, but given the small capacity battery, it likely won't do much for charging your phone.

The Ghostek FORGE is available in four colors: Black/Gold, Black/Gray, Blue/Gold and White/Rose. The two-tone colors are a pretty interesting look for this speaker. And as mentioned, this speaker is hitting a pretty low price point. That is just $49.98. Sure you can buy better speakers, but not at this price, and not something that is as portable as the FORGE. It's small enough that it can almost fit in your pocket.

You can purchase the Ghostek FORGE Bluetooth Speaker from Ghostek's website using the link down below.

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