Continue Hearthstone's Dalaran Heist Adventure In 'The Underbelly'

Hearthstone's latest adventure, The Dalaran Heist, has been live for a little while now and is the game's largest solo adventure to date, and its latest chapter, called The Underbelly, is live for players to dive into as Blizzard opened up the new section of the encounter sometime around yesterday morning.

It's filled with new boss encounters and new characters that you'll come across so you'll want to plan accordingly when it comes to building out your decks. Speaking of decks, the new chapter will also feature some new cards to work with so you may end up with something that will accent what you already have in your hand quite nicely.

As the Underbelly is the fourth chapter in this adventure that means there's only one left, and the story of the adventure is nearing its end as it's about to come to a close. Before Blastmaster Boom can execute his nefarious plan and before the story can wrap up however, you're tasked with keeping the many different monsters and minions of the sewers occupied so rockets can be strapped to the city which is the final step of the plan and how Blastmaster Boom aims to steal the magical and iconic city.

The Underbelly plays host to all sorts of "creepy crawly" creatures including oozes and jellies, slimes, which World of Warcraft players will certainly be familiar with, and following along with the thematic nature of what The Underbelly offers to players who traverse its depths, The Underbelly chapter will include debuffs to player minions during encounters that will need to be taken into account if players hope to come out of battles alive.

More specifically, and it's really only one debuff, any minion played during encounters through the Underbelly chapter will have their health and attack values swapped, which could lead to some pretty precarious situations if things are planned out thoroughly and accordingly.

It's also worth keeping in mind that there will be new hero powers to unlock for the anti-heroes that are specific to this chapter of the adventure, each of them having two powers that can be obtained, though players will need to make sure that they complete relative challenges before those powers can be unlocked and used.

If you haven't yet checked out the Dalaran Heist for Hearthstone all five chapters can be picked up for a bundle price of $19.99, but it's also possible to grab each chapter individually, and this may be the better way to go about things if you're looking to get through the content without having to spend any money.

Each chapter by itself will cost $6.99, or 700 gold, so if you're willing to put in the time to acquire all that gold you can end up using earned gold to buy the adventure, though this will likely take a while so if you're interested in jumping into the action immediately then purchasing the chapters is the quickest way to go about things, not to mention you'd be caught up quicker for the fifth and final chapter of the solo adventure that won't be too far behind.

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