Talion Promises "Full-Fledged" MMORPG Experience On Mobile

MMOs are no doubt one of the most popular game genres out there and Gamevil aims to take advantage of that fact with its latest game called Talion, which it promises will deliver gamers a full-fledged MMORPG experience on mobile devices.

This is a bold statement especially when you compare it to the depth of games like Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online, all very popular MMOs that you can find on PC, as well as consoles save for World of Warcraft.

What does a full-fledged MMO include, aside from the obvious things like tons of quests, guilds, and group-related activities like dungeons and raids? Typically you have other things like extensive character customization as well as big, open 3D worlds to explore. Check and check as Gamevil touts both of these elements for Talion.

The character customization in particular might be one of the more interesting aspects here, letting you choose between male and female characters, with the ability to edit things like eye color, eyeliner color and other types of makeup (for female characters), different facial attributes and different hairstyles.

The game even lets you edit your character's posture, and should you want to skip the deep customization you can simply rely on the game's included ability for character presets and get right to the action. If you do like the customization though, all told there are 48 different things you can customize to truly make your character your own.

It is important to mention however that each character class is gender-locked, so if you want to play the duel-wielding assassin then you'll be locked to a female character, or a male character if you choose the gunslinger etc.

Another big element to Talion is player vs player content. Talion boasts a deeply rich combat system that allows for PvP battles with 20 players on each side, for a total of 40, as well as different battle modes to compete in. If you're big on PvP then this should be able to deliver and provide a fun experience.

The game also promises massive raid bosses that will pose a challenge to players, and with any game, MMOs included, bigger challenges usually mean better rewards, so expect some truly epic loot to drop from these raid bosses if you're able to complete them.

Talion even has different factions players can choose from not unlike WoW's Horde and Alliance. In Talion, these factions are referred to as Alliances and each have their own names - Aegis or Bident, and players are tasked with choosing one side before jumping into character creation and finally the game.

With all of these MMO features on board, what remains to be seen is how "full-fledged" the MMO experience really is. Those who play MMOs on more powerful platforms like PC can expect things like jobs and talents, allowing players to craft things like food for buffs or a veritable collection of different items that enhance their characters in numerous ways.

Such as the ability to hone in on their class with sub-class abilities and other specializations, as well as enriched chat systems for communicating with other players, a working in-game economy and ways to trade or sell items of value to other players using the game's currency.

The one thing that is immediately evident is that Talion does seem to offer what looks like plenty of action thanks to the pretty graphics and exciting combat abilities for each class. Gamevil is also no stranger to action RPGs as there are already many under its belt. If you're looking for a new MMO game on mobile, perhaps this one will be the one for you. Sadly, Talion does come with the auto battle function, but it is easy to toggle it, at least.

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