Battle Royale Mode Is "Fast And Frantic" For Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty Mobile will include a battle Royale mode, adding that it will be “fast and frantic” and that it was developed to be unique for mobile devices, yet still come with Call of Duty’s signature gameplay. This means that players who are long-time fans of the Call of Duty franchise and are familiar with the BR mode in Black Ops 4 should expect to see some similarities.

That said Activision is making things clear that the “unique to mobile” statement is more than just a statement and that for the most part players will be getting a noticeably different experience than the Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode.

As battle royale modes of gameplay are primarily focused on surviving a storm of gunfire and combat from any of the other 99 players that are loaded into the map with you, one feature that players should be accustomed to is a way to revive other players. Call of Duty Mobile‘s battle royale mode will include this as well but there will be a new element to the act of reviving teammates.


The “dog tag retrieval” feature as it’s being called allows players to revive their fallen teammates if they pick up the dog tag that’s left behind when the teammate dies, with the teammate getting the chance to drop back into the map so long as the revival attempt isn’t interrupted by an enemy combatant.

While you can play solo if you wish, there is definitely a focused element of playing with friends and to that end you can play in two-player or four-player teams if you would prefer to play with friends over a solo endeavor.

However, this is a feature that’s currently being tested in the regions that already have access to the beta, and will likely be available in any other regions that acquire beta access, but it’s also possible that playing on a team could be removed for the game’s final release, or it could be tweaked in some way so it’s worth keeping this in mind that it being play tested was emphasized.

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Other aspects that players may be familiar with from battle royale modes in other games like Fortnite or Black Ops 4, is the class system. Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode will offer up the choice between six classes that are tailored to the way you specifically like to play. These classes will include the Defender, the Scout, the Medic, the Ninja, the Mechanic, and the Clown, all of which have specializations that offer up a different way to play.

If you prefer to stay quiet and agile for example, then you might want to choose the Ninja class which not only comes with the Dead Silence perk, but also has a grappling hook that allows you to quickly move across the map or up to higher elevations, which might just help you stay alive by narrowly escaping damage.

You’ll also be able to play in either third-person or first-person view so however you feel the most skilled when dropping into the match, pick that view and go to town. You will pick this view before the match starts though so presumably you’ll need to stick with it for the entire match, meaning you’ll want to be sure to pick the one that you will feel comfortable using until the match is over.


Though there will only be one massive map for this mode, at least for now, there are a number of locations on the map that players will be familiar with from other Call of Duty multiplayer modes, like Countdown, Nuketown, Overgrown, Launch and more. In fact Activision lists off a total of fourteen different locations that will be included but also notes that there will be more that weren’t mentioned.

There are a fair number of other elements that players will experience with this mode when they dive into it for the first time, but the same basic details will apply here. Enter the match, drop in, find useful gear and stay alive until the end if you want to come out on top, so for the most part it’ll be business as usual.

As it stands right now, limited access to the closed beta is open in India and will be starting in Australia soon, but the US is coming so keep an eye on when the beta is being opened up to US players if you’re interested in checking it out.


While you can’t officially play the beta in the US just yet, you can pre-register for the game already either through the Play Store or by going to the official Call of Duty Mobile website.