Gameloft Races Toward e-Sports Success With Asphalt e-Sports Series Competition

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Gameloft is launching a new e-Sports competition in partnership with Black Shark and ESL called the Asphalt e-Sports Series, which won't be limited to opening up more growth opportunities for e-Sports in general but should also help things along for mobile e-Sports and Gameloft as a big supporter.

The Asphalt e-Sports Series competition will be focused on Gameloft's latest game in the mainline racing series of mobile game titles, Asphalt 9: Legends, and will seek to crown the champion from one of nine countries which will be allowed to participate.

Though there can only be one winner, anyone who resides in the supported countries are allowed to try their hand at the prize by qualifying for the competition. Qualification rounds will start on May 20 and will continue on to the competition which will span a four-month time frame, culminating with the grand finale which takes place at Gamescom at the end of August.


Gamescom is Europe's largest gaming expo and as such those attending the grand finale for the Asphalt e-Sports Series competition will get to meet up in Germany at the expo to face off against one another, making this competition more than just bragging rights and a nice little nest egg of a reward as players will more or less get a little vacation out of the whole ordeal, provided they're able to advance to that level.

Gameloft, Black Shark, and ESL will be showering the winner with a €20,000 prize which is by no means the largest prize anyone has ever received from winning an e-Sports competition but it does illustrate the level of excitement and continued success that mobile e-Sports is bringing in.

With ESL's support and involvement here it also shows that the organization is intent on staying involved with mobile e-Sports anywhere possible, and that it's willing to work hard to foster relationships with large companies that are able to invest more money into the culture.

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Just a few months ago for example ESL and AT&T announced a partnership for the ESL Mobile Open, a competition that aims to focus on more of an amateur set of players compared to the larger e-Sports leagues for some of the world's largest games on more established gaming platforms like PC and consoles.

The ESL Mobile Open will also include competitions that revolve around Asphalt 9: Legends which should help to bring in even more success for Gameloft's racing title and solidify it as a contender in mobile e-Sports.

While competitions like these are certainly a big opportunity for gamers who love the thrill of competing against others, they're also about business for the companies who are funding the competitions. By using Asphalt 9: Legends as a delivery platform for this competition more players may be drawn to the game making it more successful for Gameloft.


In turn, by supporting the Asphalt e-Sports Series competition, Black Shark is gaining even more awareness for its device of the same name, which it states will be the official device of the competition.

In turn it should also help gain more awareness for its follow-up device the Black Shark 2 as well as potential future devices, something which we're likely to see more of if mobile gaming and mobile e-Sports continue to become more and more popular.

If participating in this competition sounds like something you'd be interested in, you'll need to be a resident of the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, India, or Spain to enter the qualifying rounds that start next week.