Best "Game Of Chance" App Types For Android

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As the game of chance online gaming industry continues to grow, the number of adults seeking to play games of chance with their mobile devices continues to grow as well. Current estimates put the percentage of mobile adult online gamers who are accessing their accounts via a mobile device at about 50%. That includes users who are using native mobile apps as well as web-based mobile apps. Given the popularity of Android as the world’s favorite mobile operating system, it’s reasonable to surmise there’s millions of Android users currently playing online table games and slots.

What Android Users Want and Expect

With so much at risk, adult online casino providers have to give clients what they want and need. This is one industry that relies heavily on providing a high level of customer service. Clearly, what customers want is to play games of chance anywhere at anytime directly from their Android mobile devices.


For software developers, the challenge is bigger than just making sure Android users can access their favorite slots. They must also make sure that what players are accessing is highly functional, easy to navigate and available in multiple languages. The ability to play games of chance in their native language will surely prompt more people to join in the fun. This will be especially important in the future as more countries around the world legalize adult online gaming for its residents.

Aside from unfettered access, Android users want much more from their adult online gaming experience. They want graphics that are clear, colorful and appeasing. The closer the graphics can get to the mother website, the better the experience. They want a high level of security. Given the amount of personal financial information a customer has to provide in order to make deposits and withdrawals, they need to know that information is tucked away securely within the mobile app’s foundation. Finally, customers want a mobile app they can take anywhere to play at any time without interruption or interference. Fast and efficient is the minimum requirement.

As for the future of mobile adult online gaming, there’s much going in the industry. A couple of the industry’s top software developers, namely NetEnt and Microgaming, are in the process of introducing Virtual Reality (VR) into the adult online gaming experience. With the proper accessories (goggles, game controller), players will be able to troll a virtual facility and select games to play from a list that includes table games and name brand slots. It’s the same kind of realism video gamers have enjoyed for the last 10 years.


For what’s it worth, NetEnt has already released 5-6 of its most popular slots in VR format. Players are able to step into the middle of the slot game and become an active participant in the 3D experience. This and other technology advancements on the horizon will keep the industry moving forward. It’s incumbent on Android gatekeepers to keep things moving forward at their end.

The 10 Best Types of “Game of Chance” Android Apps

For adult gaming enthusiast, there’s two ways they can enjoy playing games of chance on their Android mobile devices. The first way is via a mobile app that’s connected to a live gaming website that offers games of chance for real cash. The other way is through native mobile apps that emulate the adult gaming experience without cash payouts. Some people consider these to be educational tools while other consider these apps to be nothing more than another avenue for adult entertainment. Either, we want to provide you, the reader, with some information about the best types of Android adult gaming apps that are available for your pleasure.

  • Blackjack Apps – While other table games might be more popular in certain countries, Blackjack is undeniably the most popular table game universally. Anyone who has ever played a game of chance likely knows how to play Blackjack. The market has a number of very good Blackjack apps that teach people how to play the game properly. When it’s time to start playing the game for real cash, every adult online gaming provider offers multiple versions of Blackjack. That includes live dealer games as well as Blackjack games available in a VR format.
  • Roulette Apps – As of today, Europe is still the leader in the adult online gaming space. As such, Roulette remains the favorite table game among Europeans. The game promotes social interaction and as such, a number of the available Roulette apps support said social interactions. Most real cash apps support both the European (single green spot) and American (two green spots) versions of Roulette.
  • Slot Apps – While it’s difficult to find adult entertainment apps for slots, real cash apps provide players access to hundreds of the best online video slots on the market. Many of the games feature interesting game themes, colorful game-play schemes, bonus rounds and really nice audio and video features. NetEnt and Microgaming are the leading slot software developers.
  • Baccarat Apps – Baccarat has a niche market, but that market includes a lot of high rollers from both Europe and Asia. Every real cash app provides access to Baccarat. What’s really interesting about this game is it’s easy to play. The rules are easy to understand and there’s only a few wagering opportunities on the game board. Baccarat entertainment apps are also available in the marketplace.
  • Poker Apps – Over that last 15 years, online poker sites like PokerStars have become very popular. Where the market has really exploded is through the availability of native mobile apps that promote poker games for fun. These apps are great learning tools for players to use before they decide to step up and play poker games for real cash against experienced players.
  • Video Poker Apps – Video poker apps are very different than poker apps. Video pokers apps allow the player to play for read cash or fun against the game itself instead of playing against other players. The payouts are determined by a listing based on the hand the player ends up with after discarding and re-drawing.
  • Craps Apps – Craps is arguably the most explosive and active table game available. Players have access to over two dozen betting options. It’s very difficult to find a native craps app that allows players to play for fun, but most adult online gaming sites have craps as an available real cash game. Due to complicated nature of the game, many web-based apps allow players to play the game for fun before jumping into the real cash end of the pool.
  • General Adult Gaming Apps – Android loyalist will be happy to learn they can get both entertainment and real cash apps that will give them access to any of the above games from the same app. Most adult online gaming sites are supported by such apps.
  • Lottery Apps – First, there are no entertainment lottery apps on the market available for any operating system. The real cash lottery apps are usually sponsored by government agencies (state, country). The games are held daily and weekly with huge potential payouts.
  • Sports and Horse Racing Apps – While it is possible to find a horse racing app that allows players to enjoy owning, racing and betting on horses for fun (no real cash), a great majority of the apps for sports betting and horse racing are real cash apps supported by horse racing providers or adult online gaming providers. These apps allow players to wager on games and horse races from all over the world.