Chudo Is A Chatting App That Turns Your Face Into A 3D Emoji


If you're willing to try out a new chatting app, with a rather interesting twist… well, in comes Chudo. The main feature of this application is the fact that it can scan your face, and generate a digital avatar out of it, using Chudo's proprietary machine learning technology.

So once you download the app, and log in using your phone number, Chudo will scan your face and the fun can begin. Soon after, your face will become a 3D animated emoji / avatar. That's not all, though, this digital face will remain attached to you and mimic what you do while you're chatting with someone, and you can also attach different faces instead, like a rabbit, unicorn, or a tiger.

If all of this seems familiar, there's a good reason for it, as it's reminiscent of Apple's Animoji, and several other implementations that OEMs made. For Chudo's implementation, however, you do not need a special phone, or anything of the sort, just an Android device with a working camera.


Your friends will also need to use this app in order to converse with you, though, so if they do not, that renders Chudo kind of useless… but you can always start a new trend and get them to install it, for fun at least.

Chudo's machine learning tech will even recognize if you're wearing glasses or not, so if you do, it will create a digital emoji of your face with glasses on, as you can see in one of the examples in the gallery down below.

Speaking of examples, Chudo provided us with several examples of celebrities whose faces have been turned into animated emojis, just so you get an idea of what you'll look like once you try out this application.


Those of you with a keen eye will notice that the app has a 4-star score in the Play Store, and that's mostly because it still has bugs. During our testing, the app was a bit slower than we expected, plus it crashed on one occasion, but other than that, there were no issues. These are all software bugs that the company can, and hopefully will fix in the near future.

Chudo does not come with ads, but in-app purchases included. Do note that nobody is forcing you to buy anything here, the app itself is completely free to use, though if you're interested, you can make the whole experience more fun by making a few purchases.

The app itself weighs around 44MB, which is not colossal for an app of this type, or anything of the sort. The app does require you to have an Android phone that runs Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher, and that's basically the only requirement here.


The app is in version 2 at the moment, so it hasn't exactly been around for ages, which is why bugs are still present, we presume. Chudo has been installed over 10,000 times for Android, at the time of writing this article, and it has over 600 reviews in the Play Store. If you're interested in giving it a go, a download link is included down below.

Chudo (Play Store)