Best Android Apps — Dog — May 2019

AH Dog applications May 2019

It’s not exactly hard to believe that there are a ton of dog-themed applications in the Play Store, as dogs are loved by many people around the globe. Often referred to as “man’s best friend”, you will find quite a few compelling dog apps in Google’s application store.

That being said, we did do our best to find the very best ones, and have listed those in this article for you to check out. Do note that these are only our favorite dog applications, your list may differ quite a bit, as there’s much to choose from.

There are so many good dog-related apps available in the Play Store that we’ve decided to do a separate list for apps and games. In this article, we’ll focus solely on applications, while dog-themed games list is coming soon as well. Believe it or not, there are many more games than apps available, and it’s not that easy to choose only 10. In any case, if you’re in need of some quality dog apps, read on.



Dogo is one of the best dog-training applications in the Play Store. This app offers a really solid design, which makes using it really easy and enjoyable. The app comes with detailed instructions and even illustrations that will help you along the way. There are over 70+ dog tricks included in this app, and the app has a built-in clicker. Dogo also allows you to set daily reminders to never miss a training session.

Dogo (Play Store)



PetDesk is an app that focuses on the health of your pets, dogs included. Using PetDesk, you can request an appointment with a vet with ease, as this app represents a network of vets, groomers, and boarders, and lets you communicate with them. The app’s design is also really well done, so navigating it should not be an issue for anyone. PetDesk can be a truly useful app, and it is highly rated by users, so it’s worth trying out if you need something of the sort.

PetDesk (Play Store)



PetCoach is one of the most popular apps for veterinary advice. In case you have a question about your pet’s health, nutrition, behavior or anything of the sort, feel free to ask it via this application. Verified veterinarians will answer your question, so you’ll get a proper answer. There are also thousands of personalized articles available via this application, and the app even lets you engage in a private online consultation with a veterinarian.

PetCoach (Play Store)



Rundogo is kind of a fitness app for dogs, believe it or not. This app allows you to choose a dog activity, ranging from running and canicross, to bikejoring and skijoring. Rundogo allows you to track and analyze both your and your dog’s performances during such workouts. You can create a complete profile for your dog, and will be asked to include data such as weight, age, and so on. This app is compatible with Garmin Connect, and there’s also a social aspect to the app that you can utilize.

Rundogo (Play Store)


Dog Whistle

Dog Whistle app is exactly what you think it is, a dog whistle in a digital format. You can use this app to train your dog, in case you don’t have an actual physical dog whistle with you. Users actually claim that dogs can hear this whistle, and that they react to it, though we did not manage to try it out ourselves just yet. Frequency generator and tone generator are both included in the app, and this is an extremely simple app to use.

Dog Whistle (Play Store)



11pets’ app goal is to help you take care of your pets, dogs included. This app will remind you when you need to give your dog his therapy, food, walk, and so on. You can monitor your dog in specific fields, such as weight loss, for example. There are over 50 features included in this application, and you are even getting free cloud backup for your data and photos here. The app is both flashy and flat at the same time, in terms of the design, and chances are most of you will like it.

11pets (Play Store)


Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is the American Red Cross’ official app, and its goal is to provide you with veterinary advice, just like some other apps that we’ve mentioned. This app contains videos, interactive puzzles, and step-by-step advice for a number of situations. You can also locate your nearest emergency vet hospital through this application, and customize multiple pet profiles, not to mention you can set vet appointments as well.

Pet First Aid (Play Store)


Much like Dogo, Puppr is also a dog training application, and this app also offers a really nice design. Step-by-step instructions are a part of the package, and the same goes for well-executed illustrations. You can teach your dog over 50 tricks using this app, thanks to Sara Carson, a professional dog trainer. A clicker is built-in here, and the app has support for multiple dog profiles, just in case you’re planning on training more than one dog at a time.

Puppr (Play Store)

Dog Training

Dog Training app is kind of self-explanatory, and yet another option for training your best friend. This app will provide you with the best dog training tips, and the Dog Whisperer training methods. It will teach you how to stop your dog from barking, recall methods, how to stop a puppy from biting, and much more. On top of that, this app will provide you with homemade dog food recipes.

Dog Training (Play Store)

Avatar Maker: Dogs

Avatar Maker: Dogs is a crossover between a regular app and a game. This app basically allows you to create a dog from the ground up. There are tons of breeds you can choose from, and more than 10,000 fantasy characters. You can dress up your dogs, and so on. That’s not all, though, this app also allows you to create wolves, and some fantasy creatures as well. There are tons of options in this app, and the end product can be really fun if you put some effort into it.

Avatar Makers: Dogs (Play Store)