Best Android Games — Dog — May 2019

AH best dog apps May 2019 2

We’ve listed our top picks when it comes to dog applications yesterday, and now it’s time to flip the coin, and check out dog-themed games that you can get from the Play Store. As per usual, you will find our favorites listed down below, so your choices may differ, of course.

The Google Play Store is filled with dog-themed games, so there’s plenty to choose from, and we can’t really include everything, can we. Luckily for all of us, there are quite a few compelling gaming titles that have dogs as main protagonists, and there’s quite a bit of versatility when it comes to gaming genres as well.

In the list down below, you will find some really popular titles like Talking Ben the Dog, to less popular games that are still extremely fun, and bring quality to the table. Do note that these games are not listed in any specific order, as we don’t consider the ones listed higher on the list to be any better than the ones that are below them.


Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog is quite probably familiar to most of you as it comes from the same company that created the Talking Tom game. The main protagonist in this game is Ben, a retired chemistry professor who happens to be a dog. He likes to eat, drink, and read, above everything, and you can interact with Ben in a number of ways. You can try to annoy him while he’s reading the newspapers, or you can tickle him. Recording a funny video is not out of the question, nor is getting Ben to play around in his laboratory.

Talking Ben the Dog (Play Store)


Dog Town

Dog Town is a simulation game in which your goal is to take care of dogs. You will collect dogs in this game, and also take care of them by training them, feeding them, and so on. This game offers 3D graphics, and it actually looks quite nice, while the developer claims that the dogs show realistic behavior. You can level up your dogs, and even decorate rooms in which dogs usually spend their time. There are over 60 different dogs that you can collect here, and more are coming.

Dog Town (Play Store)


Dog Sim Online

Have you ever wanted to actually be a dog? Well, if you have, this is the game for you. Dog Sim Online is an online RPG game which allows you to play as a dog. You will explore a massive 3D world here, and raise a family of puppies along the way. An element of combat is also included in this game, as you will fight off people who want to hurt your family. There are six unique locations that you can play in here, while a real weather and day / night cycle simulator is a part of the package as well.

Dog Sim Online (Play Store)


Dog Run

If you like endless runner games, like Temple Run, for example, then this is the game for you. Dog Run is quite similar to most endless runners out there, with the exception that you’re playing as a dog here, and the surroundings are adapted to that. You will make your way through the park, city, and forest, while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. You can run, slide, jump, roll, and dodge in this game, while there are eight male and female puppy dogs at your disposal, to play as.

Dog Run (Play Store)


Merge Dogs

Merge Dogs seems like a somewhat odd name for a game, but this game is actually immensely fun. You will be combining two dogs into one, to create an ultimate race-winning dog. There are over 20 dog breeds to discover in this game, including shiba inu, corgi, golden retriever, pug, french bulldog, and so on. You can earn in-game coins while playing this game, not to mention that the game’s graphics are quite nice and perfect for a game of this type.

Merge Dogs (Play Store)



FeeDog is a game that may sound a bit confusing if you’re reading the Play Store description, but it’s actually quite a cute game aimed at kids, most of all. The main goal in this game is to know what to our main protagonist, and what to avoid. By tapping the screen, you will reject bad food and hit ghosts with it, while you should let the dog eat good food. There are some other aspects to this game, but this is the most important one, and also the most fun one.

FeeDog (Play Store)


Dog Park Tycoon

Dog Park Tycoon is a theme park building simulator in which you need to take care of dogs. Your goal is to build and decorate your dog park, and keep your dogs both healthy and happy. You will discover various different dog breeds throughout the game, as there are over 40 different breeds to unlock. Mini-games are also a part of this game, and they include various rewards that will help you progress.

Dog Park Tycoon (Play Store)


DogHotel is a simulation game in which you need to manage a brand new dog resort. In this game, you can care for up to ten different dogs. You will need to pet the dogs, groom them, keep their living space clean, and so on. You will also need to improve the fitness of the dogs you’re taking care of, wash them, and do all other kinds of activities in this really nice-looking game. DogHotel brings compelling 3D graphics to the table, which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

DogHotel (Play Store)


Pug is basically a Tamagotchi-like game, but for newer generations. In this game, you adopt your very own pug, and your goal is to take care of him. You get a whole platform game inside of this game, and you can also play up to four friends in real-time. This game allows you to unlock collectible cards of your dog, and even create music. You can play with building blocks in this game in order to create something, and also take care of fishes and style your own aquarium.

Pug (Play Store)

Dog Coloring Book

This game is kind of self-explanatory, if you’ve been looking for a dog coloring book for Android, this is the way to go, as it’s one of the best games of that type around. The design of this app is spot on, and there are over 40 dog coloring pages that you can tend to. You can color huskies, dalmatians, chihuahuas, and various other dog breeds. Tons of different pencils are at your disposal, and this is a great game to keep your kid busy with, or for you to enjoy if you like coloring, of course.

Dog Coloring Book (Play Store)