Making Power Delivery More Powerful with AUKEY Dynamic Detect

Despite the many strengths of USB Power Delivery, multi-port PD chargers often suffer from an issue that prevents them from charging at their full potential. A new technology developed by AUKEY now has a solution for this: Dynamic Detect.

The problem with most multi-port PD chargers is that they are unable to make use of the total power when not all ports are in use. As an example, let's take a 30W charger similar to the recently released AUKEY PA-D1, which has one PD port and one 12W USB-A port. In regular PD chargers, this would mean a maximum of 18W for the PD port, and not the headline 30W. This is because the two ports are unable to pool their power and output the total 30W to a single device, they always charge independently of each other. In other words, most multi-port 30W PD chargers can't actually charge a device at 30W.

This is where Dynamic Detect comes in, a new technology developed by AUKEY which is currently patent pending. With the new PA-D1 wall charger, 30W output actually means 30W to a single device. The Dynamic Detect chip inside the charger is able to determine the number of devices connected at any given time and allocate the total power accordingly. When both ports are in use, this makes little or no difference, but when only one device is connected the boost in power is significant.

In the case of the PA-D1, the maximum output from the PD port is increased from 18W to 30W, a significant increase. 30W is enough to charge smaller MacBooks and other compact USB-C PD laptops, but with only 18W it would be a real struggle. In fact, if you are using the device while charging it may not be enough even to maintain the current level of charge. One of the big selling points of USB-C PD chargers is that they can charge many different types of device, but 18W output limits you to the realm of smartphones and tablets. Being able to output 30W to an individual device elevates the charger to one that is truly multi-purpose.

Future chargers (including the upcoming PA-D2 and PA-D3 models) will make use of the same technology in different configurations, including a 60W model.

The PA-D1 30W PD wall charger with Dynamic Detect is available now on Amazon, and further Dynamic Detect products will become available throughout the year. Visit the AUKEY website for more info on Dynamic Detect, Power Delivery, and all our other products.

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