Edit And Share Pro-Quality Video With Adobe Premiere Rush


Adobe is making it easier than ever to capture video and turn those videos into something more professional-grade, thanks to the suite of editing tools that are included in the just-released Adobe Premiere Rush app that can now be downloaded from the Play Store.

The idea seems to be making things as simple as possible for users to create pro-quality cuts to share anywhere they desire on the web, whether they have hundreds of thousands of followers or simply want to share their latest creation with anyone that may care to take a peek.

It does this by incorporating a camera function that was built into the app so you can immediately start capturing professional-looking videos and then begin editing them to give them that polished final touch before you share them.


Though Adobe is certainly trying to give creators a myriad set of tools to make pro-grade content to share with others, simplification is still a big focus here. This is made further evident by the app's drag-and-drop design that allows users to arrange everything from video to audio with the tap and drag of a finger to get things just right.

What's more is that users can create something truly special with tools that allow for adding voice overs, the ability to add transitions, enhance colors, and of course trim clips if some parts are feeling just a bit too long.

Adobe even simplifies the process of creating the content for different social platforms. Instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all style of video after the fact, videos can be resized based on where they'll be shared. For example if you plan to share your video on Instagram you can resize the video to be more square to fit Instagram's format, and if you're sharing it on YouTube you can resize it for a landscape format instead.


The app is already available on the Play Store for just about anyone as long as their device meets the app requirements, which don't seem to be too restricting, but if you're a Galaxy device owner than Adobe has partnered with Samsung to give you an optimized version of the new application that can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

Right now the app is only available for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy S10 series phones, but Samsung does plan to expand the availability for the optimized version of the app to more devices in the future.

If you have one of the currently-supported devices, you'll get access to specially-optimized tweaks such as GPU optimization for improved video editing. One of the bigger features though is the support for Samsung's DeX dock.


With this capability you could capture and begin editing a video on the phone and if you need to put a pin in things and finish it off later, you can choose to do so by connecting the phone to DeX and using a keyboard and mouse if you'd prefer a more PC-like feel during the rest of the editing process.

This in itself should be a fairly useful tool to those with supported Galaxy devices that also gives a leg up on other types of phones who have access to the app. It might even be an incentive for some consumers who are looking to upgrade to a new phone if they intend to use their device for content creation and video editing.

Another Samsung-specific perk is the discount users receive if they decide to upgrade to the paid version with a monthly subscription. Normally this costs $9.99 a month, but Galaxy device users will get the subscription for $7.99 a month for the first year.


Whether it's worth it or not depends on what you find useful, as the paid version includes things like unlimited video exports and 100GB of cloud storage. That said, all of the app's full capabilities are essentially free as the upgrade simply extends already available tools, so you can give things a try and see how you like them.