Android TV Getting New Play Store & One-Click Subscriptions – Google I/O 2019

Android TV Google Play 01

Google held its I/O 2019 developers event today where it talked about all things Android. Well, except Android TV as the TV-focused platform seemed to be largely absent from the festivities,.

However, there was a session which took place a short time ago where some interesting Android TV news came through. Namely, Google is now embracing one-click subscriptions.

Basically, Google will soon let Android TV users quickly and easily subscribe to certain services directly from the Google ecosystem.


This was previously thought to be the case although the move has now been confirmed.

Once in effect, users will no longer have to launch an app just to then have to go through the subscription process before they actually get to the content they want.

In fact, they won’t even need to have the app downloaded in the first place with Google providing Android TV users with the option to subscribe and download the app at the same time. This will then mean when the user logs in they will already be signed up and have immediate access to the content.


This inevitably will not only be good for the viewer, but also the provider as it will act as an easier way to ensure the viewer does sign up and not just download the app. It is a win-win in that sense.

More broadly speaking, this is going to be part of a much wider Google Play Store on Android TV revamp.

The new redesign will place a much greater focus on the Play Store being more visually pleasing which makes sense from a TV point-of-view.


Examples of how the new Play Store will look can be seen in the images above and below and they also provide greater insight into how the subscriptions feature will work.

As can be seen, users will have the option to “Subscribe & Install” (as well as just the option of installing) which will do much of the setting up legwork.


Once the option is selected, the interface will confirm the subscription to the Google account holder’s payment option. What’s more, the password system will also be replaced as Android TV will gain a PIN-based system which in turn should help to make it even easier and quickly to get the app installed and the subscription processed on a TV – less button clicks.

Google has not specified when exactly the new-look Play Store, and by association the new subscription option will launch, but has stated it will arrive “later in the year.


This approach will see Android TV joining the number of companies and services that now look to assist with subscriptions and this is likely to be good news for users.

The last year has seen a massive change in the way viewers access content and this has resulted in a spike in the number of separate subscriptions a viewer now needs to have. This is likely to become more of an issue going forward and methods like this will make it easier for Android TV users to manage all of those subscriptions from one central location – their Android TV device.