Android Is The Most Secure Mobile Platform, At Least For Enterprises


Google reported that based on IDC studies, Android is growing in the enterprise. The research details that most businesses prefer to use Android rather than iOS for a mobile platform.

A few of the most important attributes that businesses look for in a mobile platform were discussed. First and foremost, companies need to have a variety of hardware options. Android has plenty of manufacturers to choose from, while iOS has only the one.

Mobile platforms must also have multi-layered security and detailed management capabilities in order to meet modern business needs. According to the IDC, "Security incidents are less frequent in Android-majority enterprises compared to iOS-majority deployments." It's not surprising that companies want complex security; however, it is a little surprising that Android performs better than iOS in this category.


For years, iOS has been recognized as a more secure platform than Android. Apple's recent advertisements are a testament to this as its recent advertisements highlight the iPhone's strong privacy.

Other discoveries from the IDC research include why Android is growing so successful in the enterprise. For starters, 74% of United States IT decision makers believe that Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones are more secure and can meet enterprise needs better than iOS devices. It is reported that 77% of U.S. multinational firms choose to use Android devices over iOS.

It was also found that Android-majority enterprises are the victim of 8% fewer mobile phishing incidents and 5% fewer problems with integrating mobile devices and back end systems. Because of these findings, enterprises who use Android have a higher satisfaction rate over mixed and iOS-only companies.


As security is a major reason why Android is growing in the enterprise, it's important to look at how secure Android is exactly. A Gartner report shows how secure Android Enterprise is to use.

The report studied several different software platforms and scored them based on how secure they were. Android 9 Pie was rated secure scores in 26 of 30 categories, including 12 of 13 related to corp-management. Android proved it can be secure in the workplace and in doing so it established itself as the go-to platform for enterprises.

Security is important to more than just enterprises. Users of all categories take privacy and security seriously and expect smartphones to hold a high standard regarding it. With Android Q on the rise, Google is making sure that the platform continues to be secure to use.


Android Q features several new security and privacy changes. These changes include scoped storage, better user options for device location, more restrictions on background app usage, restrictions to hardware identifiers, and more secure permissions for camera and connectivity workflows.

With Android 9 Pie performing well under security tests, it's hopeful that Android Q will do the same if not better. Android is continuing to grow in many ways, and in the Enterprise is a major one. Companies trust Android to perform at high standards and keep information and data secure. The fact that it bests other mobile platforms in this area is a good thing for the future of Android.