TECKEPIC Fitness Tracker Now Available For Only $38 W/Coupon


There are a ton of fitness trackers available in the market as we speak, and if you're looking to get one, and you're not planning to spend a lot of money, the TECKEPIC smart fitness tracker may be just the thing you need.

This fitness tracker actually looks like a smartwatch, and it is square-shaped. The device comes with a heart rate sensor, while it can also keep track of your sleep patterns in order to determine the quality of your sleep and so forth.

The device will record your activities during the day, including your steps, distance that you've traveled, calories that you've burned while doing so, and so on. The end goal for this fitness tracker is to help you improve your health, as with every other fitness tracker, as it can hopefully provide you with some useful data and help you alter your habits.


The device comes with a 1.3-inch touch sensitive display, and it can be connected to your Android or iOS-based device via Bluetooth. The device does come with a vibration motor on the inside, and the company says that you can receive notifications via this fitness tracker.

You can customize various aspects of this device's software, including even the wallpapers of its main page, while you can also set up screen savers, if you want. Images in the gallery will give you a better idea of what you can expect in terms of software, as this watch comes with software that you're probably not familiar with, as we're not looking at Wear OS here, or anything of the sort.

The watch itself is made out of metal, and it comes with a watch band made out of metal. You will get a replacement band in the package as well, though, and that replacement strap seems to be made out of silicone, at least based on the image provided by the company.


This fitness tracker is usually priced at $44.97 on Amazon, but thanks to a coupon code that the company has provided us with, you can now purchase it for only $38.07. This coupon is valid until April 7 at 11:59PM PST, which essentially means that you have until the end of the day on April 7 to purchase it. If you're interested in getting this fitness tracker, the purchase link is included down below.

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Final price: $38.07

Valid until: April 7, 11:59PM PST