T-Mobile Launches Home TV Service, But It's Not For Cord Cutters


T-Mobile today announced TVision but in its current guise it doesn't seem like too much to get excited about.

This is the company's new TV solution for the home as it looks to take on cable in a similar way to how it did with mobile.

TVision is going live in the U.S. on April 14 but only in a limited capacity with today's announcement relevant to eight markets. T-Mobile explains it plans to expand to additional locations by the end of the year although details on which, or how many were not provided.


The self-proclaimed "un-carrier" is positioning TVision as a premium solution for those currently on pricey cable plans. This is almost a like-for-like product with the company looking to differentiate mainly on improved customer care and straightforward billing.

TVision is priced at $99.99 per month and this price drops down to $90 per month for existing T-Mobile customers. These are no-contract plans so users are free to cancel whenever they want.

These prices are effectively locked-in with T-Mobile promising no price rises over time or hidden/additional fees.Therefore, although there's not much in the way of savings compared to what competitors are likely advertising today, T-Mobile argues they'll be no nasty end-of-promotional pricing kicking in.


LIkewise, many features other companies might typically charge you extra for are included in the one price. These include 4K and DVR with the letter arriving as a local solution with 1TB storage – potentially holding up to 400 hours of content, according to T-Mobile.

On the downside, you do currently need a Vision set-top box to use the service and you will have to pay an additional $10 per month for any additional set-top boxes to add to other TVs in the same home.

T-Mobile is making it clear that its solution is more modernized than others through the support for streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, as well as smart home device compatibility, including Google Home and Amazon Echo devices.


The announcement also very clearly indicated the box is more of a temporary measure as the company is currently working on making the service available on third-party TV platforms in the future. In essence, it plans to release a TVision app which effectively replaces the need for the box.

It also seems like this will only be one of the apps launched as T-Mobile also plans to make available a "companion" mobile app so users can watch the TV on their smartphones "anywhere in the house."

This service should not be confused with the other TV-based service that's coming as T-Mobile is simultaneously working on bringing to market a similar, but different mobile-focused product.


The TVision announced today is a product strictly intended for home use.

That other service was originally expected to debut at the end of 2018 but it is understood to have ran into a few issues along the way that have delayed the launch process.

T-Mobile did not provide much information on the mobile service today, other than stating the service will launch "later in 2019."


As of right now, those who live in one of the few areas supported at launch may want to consider this service if they feel their pricing has been escalating over time. These are exactly the customers T-Mobile is currently targeting with TVision.

The company even launched a "Satellite Freedom" program which will look to cover the expenses incurred when switching. This program is only open to current DISH and DIRECTV customers and the refunded money ("up to $500") is delivered via a prepaid card.

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