Sponsored Software Review: Wondershare Recoverit Pro


The data stored on our computers is some of the most important data in our life. Could you imagine losing everything that is saved on your laptop right now? It could happen. Hard drives fail, and sometimes, there's no way to get that data back. Or, did you delete something last month that you shouldn't have, and now it's completely gone. But, Wondershare has new software that will help you recover your data, even if it has been completely deleted.

Wondershare Recoverit is able to recover data from lost partitions. It can also do a raw recovery for storage devices, do a deep scan to find everything, and even recover data even if your laptop has crashed and won't boot any longer.

Recoverit is offered in a free version, but there are limitations as you might expect (for example, data recovery is limited to 100MB. But you can get Recoverit Pro for $39.95 for the first year, or Recoverit Ultimate for $59.95 for the first year – both of which offer up one user account.


It's worth mentioning that we are reviewing the "Pro" version of Recoverit here. So everything mentioned in this review, will be in regards to the Pro version of Recoverit, and not the Free or Ultimate versions.

When you first install Recoverit, you are met with actually a pretty good looking app. Typically, these recovery apps are pretty ugly and not user intuitive at all. But that's not the case here. With the Pro version, you get everything except for the bootable media option. So there are eight tiles on the main screen. These include Deleted Files Recovery, Trash Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, External Devices Recovery, Virus Attack Data, System Crash Data Recovery and All Around Recovery.


Hovering over these tiles, it'll show you why you would need to use that option. For example, hovering over the "Lost Partition Recovery" tile, it'll show you: Deleted Partition, Hidden Partition, Lost Partition and Resized Partition, as reason why you might need that option. That actually makes it very easy for the user to determine which option they need to use to recover the data that they lost.


Clicking on one of the tiles, will take you to a new screen showing which device you want to recover files from. In most cases, there is only going to be one (maybe two) drives, depending on your laptop, or if you have any partitions. Select the drive you want to recover the files from, and Recoverit will start scanning the drive for those files. Once it finds the files that are recoverable, you can select those files and then hit the "Recover" button at the bottom.

This makes recovering files super easy and quick. If you did delete a file that you now need, this is a great way to get that file(s) back, and it's painless.


The same process works for external storage devices too. Say for example, you formatted an external hard drive, and want to get that data back, you can choose the "Formatted Disk Recovery" option, and that will attempt to get that data back for you. This method is a bit slower than the other options that are available in Recoverit, but that shouldn't be a surprise, since it is trying to get this data back from a formatted drive. And it does (usually) get the data back.

Recoverit seems to be a pretty robust data recovery app that is available for both Windows and macOS. Though it is noteworthy that with macOS, you will need to boot into recovery and input a command into terminal before any of these features will work. The Recoverit Pro option is going to be the best bet for most people, as the Ultimate version really only adds a bootable media option – good for a computer that won't boot.



Speed (5/5) – Software opens up pretty quickly, and is able to find files to recover pretty quickly. This will depend on how and what files you are looking to recover, though.

Features (4/5) – A ton of features are available, so that no matter what kind of data you are trying to recover, it can be done with Recoverit Pro.

Theme (5/5) – It features a pretty clean, and aesthetically pleasing interface, that makes it very user-friendly.


Overall (4.5/5) – Wondershare kept this data recovery software very simple, only adding features that are needed instead of adding a bunch of bells and whistles, and kept it easy to use. Which is an important aspect in this kind of software.


Easy to use


Many different options and methods to recover data, not only from internal drives, but external drives too

Ability to recover data from a hard drive that was already formatted


Some may opt to get the Free version of Recoverit, which does not offer a lot of options, and can't recover much data – only 100MB.

Mac users may get frustrated with having to reboot into recovery to actually use the software.

Wrap Up

It's a good idea to have a backup of your data, whether that's on another hard drive, or in the cloud. But in those instances where you don't have a backup of that data, then having software like Recoverit is a great idea, especially for those that need to get that file back asap and don't want to pay for a professional to do it. Recoverit is one of those that is good to have in case of emergency, but you don't want to ever have to use.

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