Snapchat Debuts Long-Distance Couch Co-Op With Snap Games


Snap Inc. is looking to make Snapchat an even more appealing interactive environment for third-party developers with the recent introduction of a new Snap Games platform that brings mobile gaming to chats. Introduced alongside at least three other big additions to the Snap Kit developer libraries, the features within Snap Games bring the mobile communication app in-line with a similar bid in Facebook Messenger.

From launch, titles developed by relatively well-known developer teams such as PikPok, Zynga, ZeptoLab, and Spry Fox are available. More will undoubtedly be added over time but there are six to start out with.

Each can be launched directly from the Snapchat app's Chat bar with no installation required and without interrupting the voice, text, and video streams between players. A rocket-shaped game icon has been placed alongside pre-existing icons to the right of the chat's input box to suit the purpose.


Users don't need to worry a lot about where they're located either since Snap is rolling the multiplayer experience out worldwide from the start.

What are the games?

The first of the new interactive chat gaming titles is — perhaps unsurprisingly since it's developed by Snap subsidiary Bitstrips — called Bitmoji Party. That features a range of mini-games that players can take on together or against one another in true Bitmoji fashion, using their own Bitmoji as an avatar.


Snap Games is open to third-party devs too though and includes a range of experiences. Into the Dead 2 developer, PikPok, fittingly built its title around zombie action and places players in the shoes of a rescue squad to save survivors in a city from a zombie apocalypse. The devs do shirk away from the grim and gruesome realism of those two previously mentioned games though, opting for a more top-down cartoonish art direction to suit the platform.

Cut the Rope and CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Developer ZeptoLab as well as Spry Fox follow similar paths with the former developer's self-explanatory top-down C.A.T.S. Drift Race and the former's fast-paced town and word-building title Alphabear Hustle.

Zynga's Tiny Royale is a top-down battle royale-style multiplayer shooter that follows a similarly cute art style as the other experiences introduced for Snap Games.


Finally, Snake Squad from Game Closure is another top-down title in an ".IO" style that pits squads against each other. Based on Snap Inc.'s video rundown of the games, mechanics appear to built around the classic title Snake with players zipping around the space provided and trying to avoid one another.

More to come?

The primary focus of Snap's most recent announcements center around expanding on the features of Snapchat to offer a more rich environment for users and more tools to entice developers. So it's no surprise that the launch titles included here are centered around multiplayer experiences.


The biggest difference is that Snap Games appears to be more directly focused on Snapchat itself, while other introductions hinged on bringing Snap features to third-party apps but only one of the six titles was developed by a Snap-related developer. So while it remains to be seen whether or not Snap Inc. plans to bring Snap Games to other messages platforms, other popular Android game developers will likely follow suit and launch their own games on Snapchat soon enough.