New Galaxy Note10 Concept Seems Too Sleek For Reality

Samsung Galaxy Note10 concept Concept Creator 1

Yet another Samsung Galaxy Note10 concept design has surfaced, this time from Concept Creator. This YouTube channel has released a new video which has a duration of almost three minutes, and in that video, it details a rather sleek-looking Galaxy Note10 concept design.

The device shown here differs from the Galaxy S10 series quite a bit, actually. As you can see, this phone is made out of metal and glass, but its design is different from the Galaxy S10. The phone sports some aggressive curves on the side, similar to some Xperia and Lumia phones that were released in the past, while the top and bottom portions of the phone seem to be flat.

Bezels on this device are extremely thin, while the display is curved. The designer opted to move a display cutout to the middle in this design, and that cutout is there for the front-facing camera. An earpiece sits above the front-facing camera, and is a part of the phone’s frame, essentially.


On the bottom of the device sits a 3.5mm headphone jack, a Type-C USB port, the phone’s loudspeaker, and the S Pen stylus. The power / lock button is placed on the right., while the volume up and down buttons sit on the left.

On the back, you will notice four cameras, along with an LED flash, and a heart-rate sensor. The larger Galaxy Note10 variant is actually expected to sport four rear cameras, while the smaller one is rumored to ship with three, but the designer opted to show only one Galaxy Note10 model and include four cameras on the back.

It is hard to deny that the phone shown in this video looks stunning, though it’s also safe to say that this design is not even close to what Samsung will announce in August, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is a concept design, which means that the designer’s imagination played the most crucial part in it, so it’s not really supposed to look like something that Samsung will actually announce in a couple of months.


This phone essentially look like the Galaxy S10+ had a baby with one of the older Xperia or Lumia phones, and it’s a design that quite a few people would appreciate, even though the device would probably be extremely slippery, but what flagship isn’t these days.

The Galaxy Note10 series is expected to land in August, and Samsung is expected to announce four smartphones this time around. The company is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro, while 5G variants of both phones will also become available, rumors claim.

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro will probably look very similar, though the Galaxy Note10 Pro is rumored to include one extra camera on the back (four in total), and a larger display, a 6.75-inch panel, compared to a 6.28-inch one that is expected to be included on the Galaxy Note10.


Both phones will be fueled by the Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9820, depending on where you buy them, while Android 9 Pie will come pre-installed on both phones, along with Samsung’s One UI Android overlay. Brace yourselves for a ton of rumors and leaks that are supposed to surface in the coming months.